Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 15th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nandini meeting Vedika. Vedika says I know I m just a charity case for Ram. Nandini says you can’t be anything if Priya comes back. Vedika says Priya is his past, he has a GF now, you know I have done a lot to get Ram close, we planned that Ram married me, he went more far from me, you can get Ram and me married. Nandini says I will, but right now, that deal is imp for us, Ram will crack the deal, money has become his love, I didn’t let him forget what Priya and her family did, I promise you, I will get you married to Vedika, find out if Priya is in Mumbai.

Vedika asks what. Nandini says I m acting ill, so Ram has kept people around me to take care, you have to go and find out. Vedika says she was constantly in touch with Krish. Nandini says then she can stay at Krish’s house, do you know where he stays. Vedika smiles. Nandini says great, go and find out about Priya and her child, the child has become a big threat for us, our game can turn, we can’t let this happen.

Priya asks Krish about Pihu. They go out and ask a man about Pihu. The man says she was sitting here and looked sad, she crossed the main road. She says no, she can’t go. She shows the pic. He says yes, it was her.

Priya looks for Pihu. Krish asks her to calm down. She says Pihu is just playing with me, she is naughty. He says we will check at the nearby icecream parlour. She says yes, she likes to have icecream, it uplifts her mood, she is like Ram. Ram is on the way. Pihu says why is mum angry, I will ask her what is she hiding, then she will tell me everything, I came too far, how will I go to Krish’s house now. Priya calls out Pihu.

She asks Krish to find out Pihu, she can’t lose her. He says I will call the inspector, he is my friend. He calls the inspector. He asks him to find Pihu. Shubham calls Ram. He says you won’t get at peace until someone happens to mom, she got a panic attack again. Ram asks shall I call the doctor. Shubham says I will do that, mom is scared that Priya can come back. Ram says be with her, I m coming home. Pihu gets hit by a car. Meera sees Maitri at the door. Maitri says I have come home, shall I come in. Meera asks her to come.

Maitri asks are you alone. Meera says this is the punishment for my deeds. They sit talking. Maitri says Priya is here in Mumbai. Meera says but she won’t meet me, she doesn’t want to see my face. Maitri asks for her help. She says I went to shop for Sara’s engagement, Ram and Pihu met there. She tells everything. She says Ram and Pihu were meeting like they know each other, they fooled each other, Pihu was talking to him with a right. Meera says Ram is her dad.


Maitri says but thankfully, they didn’t tell their names to each other. Meera asks didn’t you tell this to Priya. Maitri says I m not mad, she will not leave me, she is so stressed that she wants to go back. Meera says I made a big mistake, Priya, Pihu and Ram are paying a price. Maitri says I m glad that this should have happened, how shall I tell Priya, I don’t know how will she react, help me out. Meera asks her to pray, Lord has made Ram and Pihu meet, Priya will go away if Lord wills, else she will stay back, if Pihu has this in fate, then she will get her mum and dad’s love. Vedika gets down the car. Pihu says sorry. Vedika scolds her. Pihu says I m alone.

Krish says you are in tension. Priya says I m thinking wrong, I couldn’t give her a normal life, I lost her. Krish hugs her and consoles. He asks her to trust her love, it will bring back Pihu. Ram passes by and sees them. Pihu thinks to do a drama. She screams in pain and acts to get the people in her favor. Vedika worries. The people scold Vedika. Vedika asks Pihu how much money does she want. Pihu says 10000rs.

Vedika says I know such people, they can do anything for money. Pihu says you were driving in wrong way, you have to pay fine of 10000rs. Krish says I have sent Pihu’s pic, I know you will hide your tears and pretend happy. She says Pihu keeps me happy, I see Ram in her, lucky people get a sincere life partner, Ram is the best example, his love is enough to keep me happy, I regret to lose him, I had to keep him away from his daughter, Pihu is in my life and we are happy, this is my biggest truth. He smiles.

Pihu scolds Vedika. Ishaan asks why does Sara need to marry. Police comes to arrest Vedika. Ram brainwashes Ishaan. Vedika says I m Ram Kapoor’s fiancée. Ishaan says mom has to choose either of me or Vikrant.

Update Credit to: Amena

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