Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 16th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya signing the papers. Nandini smiles and thinks its Vedika’s turn now. Meera apologizes to Ram. She says if Priya knew this about Raj’s mistake, then she would have not done this, I beg you for her relation, she always does what’s right, you are also such, that’s why she got Akki and Shivi married. Ram says we got worried for Shivi’s life. Meera says I will protect Shivi, I will keep her away from the bad relatives. He says I know, Shivi will be happy and safe until you are there with her, don’t fold hands, its time to break the Karwachauth, don’t cry, I got something for you. He gifts her the bangles. Meera says my husband never respected me, you remembered this, you are really good, I m happy to get a son in law like you. He thinks your puja will be incomplete, because Mahender isn’t here. Priya thinks sorry Maa, I had to sign the papers. Meera says everything will be fine. Priya says I have to wait till moon sighting, I m feeling feverish. She sees Ram leaving. Vedika says Ram, I m worried for you, Nandini was hiding it from me, its good I got to know. He says you look worried.

She says Priya met Neeraj before the marriage and confessed love, she said she still loves Neeraj, Nandini didn’t tell you as such things are awkward, she is worried for you, Neeraj got that footage out for Priya’s sake, he did this for Priya, I know you won’t change your mind, what about Priya, she told that to Neeraj, your mom feels bad for you, she doesn’t want them to make fun of your name, sign the annulment papers and get out of this mess, you deserve happiness, I just want to see you happy, trust me. She goes. Ram thinks shall I get Mahender out of the jail for Meera’s sake, shall I save this marriage or end it. Sara says mum is so happy, Ram has given her the bangles. Priya asks why is he doing this when he doesn’t trust our relation. Sara says Ram is good, he kept the fast. Priya says no, he had breakfast in the morning. Vedika goes to Nandini and signs her. Brinda asks Adi where is Ram. Adi calls Ram. Shashi comes and hugs Adi. He asks what about the deal. Adi says its imp deal for Ram. Shashi says we have to balance business and family, where is Ram. Brinda says Vedika was saying she has imp work with Ram, ask him. Shashi taunts and goes. Adi asks what do you do. Brinda says Vedika is after Ram, Ram will break Priya’s fast, they both kept the fast. Shivi asks where is my surprise. Shubham says I have come to fulfill the promise. Shivi says this isn’t just my Karwachauth function. Adi says I know, this function is for Shivi’s win, she fooled all of us and won, cheers to that, Akki’s present is bright because Shivi is with him, his future is more bright, he will become a big star one day. Everyone smiles.

Shubham says a little surprise for Shivi and Akki, let me introduce Raftaar and Rashmi, they are going to perform here. Shashi asks Vedika to come with him for a talk. Priya goes out to see Ram. Shashi asks where is Ram. Vedika says I don’t know. He scolds her and asks what did you do. Raftaar and Rashmi perform. Shivi and Akki dance. Sara says we will also dance. Priya says I won’t dance. Sara goes. Priya calls Ram. Vedika says I told Ram that Priya and Neeraj have some relation, Nandini thinks she can get Ram and Priya’s break up done. Shashi says don’t use your mind. He pushes her away. Priya comes inside the room. She sees Vedika fallen. She asks are you fine. Shashi hides. Priya asks how did you fall. Vedika says I fell down because of the saree. She asks do you have fever. Priya says no, my body temp is warm, come. They leave.

Shashi thinks Vedika will get me trapped, we have to get Priya out of Ram’s life. Everyone dances. Raftaar says you didn’t hear our song. Priya says sorry, I was looking for Ram. He says he is my friend, he said he will come, he is the hero. She says thanks, all the best for your new album. Shivi says thanks, this was the best surprise. Brinda looks on and says Ram planned this surprise, but Nandini and Shubham get the credit always. Sara says that’s so mean. Brinda asks Priya did she keep the fast or not. Priya says I have signed the annulment papers, don’t try to start this thing. Brinda asks did you keep the fast, just tell me. The women go to see the moon. Neetu asks Priya to go aside and stand. She taunts Priya for eating upma. Meera thinks didn’t she not keep fast. Sara and Brinda say Neetu is creating the misunderstanding between Ram and Priya, Neetu had that upma. Priya thinks to take the medicines. Meera and Sara ask her about the fast. Priya says fine, give my plate. Meera says I knew it you kept the fast. Priya thinks what shall I do, when the marriage got broken.

Meera says I wish that my daughters always stay safe. Ram gets Mahender there.

Update Credit to: Amena

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