Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 17th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sara saying I wish Ram comes soon and their misunderstanding ends. Meera says Ram will come. Kunal says its Shivi’s first function, why did Ram come, even Adi don’t know. Nandini asks Vedika why is she upset. Vedika says Shashi is really upset with me. Nandini says you go and break your fast, don’t worry, go. She messages Neeraj and asks him to leave. Priya sees Vedika. Vedika signs she is fine. Brinda says don’t know where is Ram. Mama ji says break your fast. Nandini says everything is going as per the plan, Ram left in anger. Neetu says okay. Akki asks for Ram. Shivi says he doesn’t care.

Sara says I hope he shows his face on video call. Vedika sees the moon and then Shashi’s face. She breaks her fast. Brinda and Shivi also perform the Karwachauth rituals. Vedika says don’t worry Shashi, I won’t do anything that spoils your work. He nods. Meera says I have kept this fast alone, my fate won’t become your fate, you won’t break the fast alone, Ram will come. Priya asks why do you keep fast for him. Meera says I fast for my daughter’s safety, I don’t keep the fast for Mahender, I trust Ram, he will come. Priya says fine, I will wait, take your plate. Ram comes. Meera smiles. Priya sees Ram. Ram gets Mahender there. Meera says Ram… Ram says you keep this fast with devotion, I had to respect this, I took the complaint back, please break your fast.

Meera thinks I don’t know what good I did, Ram got Mahender out to keep respect, I will pray that Mahender gets his sense, I will break the fast by Mahender’s hands just to keep Ram’s respect. Mahender breaks Meera’s fast. Ram thinks Priya kept the fast. Brinda says Priya kept the fast. Ram says that bowl. Brinda asks did you see her eating. Ram says no. She says I know you had kept the fast, please go and break her fast, go. Shivi says I m going to my Sasural. Ram says just 2mins. Nandini says we have to send Shivi well. Shivi and family go. Ram says Shivi really left. Nandini says I also felt strange, she didn’t go too far, she will keep visiting. He says we should give her time to settle. Brinda says I want to know who is the real villain of this story. Adi says don’t watch tv serials. She says I have to tell Ram to break Priya’s fast. Adi says come with me. He worries. She gets drunk.

She says I need one more drink. Nandini says Priya signed the papers. Priya thinks I will stay at Twinkle’s place tonight and then decide. She checks her temperature. She says I will have the medicines. Ram asks when did she sign. Nandini says you went to get her dad released, we didn’t know, how can you be so good, that man plotted to kill you, I know my son well, you are so good, you think of others first, someone has to worry for you, who else can worry for you, I have to protect you. He says you are overthinking. She says Shivi got rigid, we had to agree to her, your life will always have the threat, people will say that I ruined my stepson’s life. He says don’t use these words, I don’t like it, give me the papers. She gives the papers and asks him to sign. Brinda pushes Adi there. The drink falls on the papers. Nandini worries. Brinda says sorry, don’t know what happened, are you hurt Adi. Ram asks what happened. Brinda says I m flying. Adi says sorry. Nandini says what sorry, papers got ruined. Brinda says sorry aunty, I will make the papers for you. Nandini says first thing in the morning.

Brinda takes the papers. Ram asks Nandini not to worry, Adi will make the papers. He goes. Ram says you shouldn’t take medicines on an empty stomach, you have fever, doctor told me that you may have fever, I thought you had ghee upma. Priya says I didn’t eat anything, can I have water now. She makes him drink the water. Rab di meher….plays… She says even you didn’t had water, don’t lie, you didn’t had any food. He says you have the food. She says you got Mahender released. He says just to respect Meera’s fast. He feeds her the water. She says I have signed the papers. He says new papers will be made, we will sign tomorrow. Adi says you acted drunk to ruin the papers. Brinda says yes, Nandini did this drama and asked Ram to sign the papers, Ram can do anything for his family, he is happy with Priya, don’t you want to see him happy. Adi says yes, but he isn’t happy. Brinda says Priya did a mistake, they are made for each other, don’t make the papers tomorrow. Adi says if Nandini told me to make it, then I have to make it. She says fine, I will find a way, this marriage can’t break.

Ram thinks Priya and Neeraj had a relation, Vedika is wrong, Priya can’t be wrong. Priya says I m leaving, we have to sign the papers some day. Ram’s contract marriage news flashes on the channel.

Update Credit to: Amena

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