Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram getting angry on Neeraj. Neeraj thinks Vedika and I wanted to anger you, Priya should know about Vedika and you, then your marriage will end. Sara gets insisting to watch the video. Adi and Kunal tell her that Ram had a past, but he isn’t the same person now. Sara watches the video. Ram asks will Vedika say yes. Kunal says yes, no girl can refuse to you.

Vedika comes and asks Ram what are you doing. Ram says I want to tell you that I love you a lot, no one can love you like me, I wanted to propose you on valentines day but I couldn’t wait, I know you are rich, I m not close, give me a chance, I will do everything, I love you a lot. Vedika asks did you get roses to propose, its okay. Ram says I know you love lilies, I didn’t had much money. She says I would have said yes if you got lilies, but you know my answer, its a yes. He hugs her and says I promise you, I will always love you, I swear. She says I also love you a lot. Everyone hugs.

Ram comes to his room. He sees Priya standing on the table. Priya asks didn’t you climb on the table before. He asks did you see. She says maybe someone else climbed on your behalf. He says I stood on it, we will talk later, I don’t know how to say, you say you don’t care, get down. She says fine, I want to fix this bulb, can you do this. He asks why would I know it. He says you won’t know about it. He asks her to get down. She stumbles. She asks did you think I will fall in your arms, you are hero type. She gets down.

He asks why did you come with Neeraj. She asks how did he come in between, there is just you and me, I don’t see anyone except you, I worked hard all day, I got these roses for you, I know you like lilies, not roses, but its not roses’ mistakes. She hugs him. She says party, friends, cake, birthday list check, you didn’t ask me in the party. He says you were roaming with Neeraj. She asks why do you give importance to him, did you fall in love. He looks at her. She asks with Neeraj. She laughs. He says you scared me.

She says you are Sadu, you always talk of Neeraj, I came back with you, we were sitting here and talking. He asks when. She says I asked you to stop, I have to tell my feelings, you left. He asks what were you saying, tell me, I want to hear it. She says I won’t say now, why did you go. He says I have come, tell me. She says what was so imp, tell me. He says I got the cake. She sees the time and says happy birthday. She gives him the roses. She hugs him.

He says thanks for doing the perfect party arrangements. She says its okay, I got habitual to get rejected. He says come with me, I will break this habit, you don’t trust people, give me a chance, I didn’t talk to you well, forget these trust issues, trust me.


Vedika asks Mama ji and Shubham to give a good news. Shubham says Anjali didn’t come. She says we have to make sure that she doesn’t reach Priya. He says she won’t tell us. She says I will handle Priya, Neeraj will ask her. Mama ji asks how did Raj come. Shubham says yes, Soods are losers. Mamaji says Vedika will handle it, we will go. Vedika asks did Raj come. Shubham says yes, he came here as a driver. She thinks what’s happening, Raj had come here, it means Shashi is keeping an eye on me, what is Shashi going to do. Mama ji says he was shocked seeing us. She thinks Shashi knows everything.

Ram thanks Priya. He says this cake is my childhood, my dad’s memories. Priya says I thought to give this gift to you, you got your dad’s love, you have his memories, I really wanted to do this for you. Ram says dad would have liked you a lot. She says no, no one told good things about me, everything thinks I m rude. He says no, my dad would have liked you, everyone likes you. She says except you.

It starts thundering. He asks her to cut the cake with him. She says I will do it happily. She says your eyes are so deep, wow. He says I m embarrassed. She blows the candles. He cuts the cake. He feeds her the cake. He says you learnt this from that aunty, its good, you are too good. He cries. She asks are you crying. He says no, Priya you have done a lot for me, and I…. I gave the credit to someone else, you didn’t tell anyone, how. She says I didn’t say, because I feel scared of losing everything, so I lie to myself.

Ram and Priya enjoy the rains. Vedika looks at them.

Update Credit to: Amena

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