Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th July 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya recalling Ram and her moments. Ram says that day, maybe the drink came to your table by mistake. She says no, I… He says its okay, you are doing a favor by helping me. She says no, don’t pressurize Pihu. He says I get it. She says sorry to get angry, she is much imp for me. He says I m sorry. She thinks I won’t let you say sorry. She asks him to give some time to Pihu. She says I know the minister wants to cancel the deal, I won’t let this happen. She goes to Pihu.

The lights get on. Pihu shows Priya the amusement park arranged by Ram inside the house. She says wow. Bade acchhe…plays.. Pihu says you did this for me, you are the best, I love you. She hugs Priya. Priya says I love you too, but I didn’t… Pihu says I know you did this. She goes to play. Priya says you didn’t let me tell her. Ram says she is happy, I didn’t want her to spoil her mood. Pihu asks Priya to come, they will enjoy. Aaye zindagi…plays….

Ram asks the servant to get cup cakes. Servant says the bakeries are shut because of rain. Ram says go to kitchen and make cup cake. Servant asks shall I write the message. Ram says yes, good idea, write, from mum. Adi asks how will we bring Ram and Pihu close. Sandy says we will keep Ram and Pihu’s performance. Shubham says yes, exactly, I wanted to say this.

Vikrant says Ram and Pihu will never dance. Adi says Priya won’t push Pihu. Shubham says Ram took them to amusement park, he is doing this for my sake. He goes. Adi says Ram hates rains. Sara says Pihu loves it. Sandy says we should leave now.

Sandy says Shubham gave good ideas. Sara says it was your idea, I don’t like it. Sandy says it doesn’t matter, Ram has helped me a lot, I feel guilty because their family lost a lot because of me. Shubham hears her and says perfect, I will get the benefit, she is an emotional girl. Krish gets some pics.

Vedika calls him and says you would have got the pics, Nandini is threatening Priya that she will show these pics to Pihu. She says I know you love Priya, right. He asks can you mind your own business. She asks can Pihu tolerate this, what about Priya. He says Priya can take care, you don’t need to worry for Pihu, if I call that minister, then he can ruin you all, don’t say anything to Pihu, okay. Vedika disconnects the call.


Everyone eats the food. Sara says Meera has made it extra for Adi. Adi says we will keep coming here and eat it. They talk about Ram and Pihu. Shubham calls Sandy and asks what’s going on. He asks shall I also come there. Brinda says its simple food here, what will you do here, don’t come.

Adi and Vikrant ask him to not come, its raining. Shubham says I will manage. Sandy asks him to come. Adi says Shubham is interested in our talks, that we can unite Ram and Priya. Priya asks Pihu how did you like the adventure. Pihu says I love it. Priya says you don’t get upset with Ram. She convinces Pihu to call Ram. Ram goes to them. Pihu thanks him. He says its okay, sorry for buying that merry go round.

Pihu says its okay, you have bought it for this day. Ram says yes. Pihu says I have seen you in the magazine pic. Priya says no. She asks Ram and Pihu to talk. She goes to get snacks. Ram thinks what shall I do, I feel dizzy. He takes pill. He thinks what else will she make me do.

Ram and Pihu argue. Pihu says he is rude, mean and a kidnapper also. Priya says no, free his hands, I trust him, I know him, he is my prince charming. Ram looks at her.

Update Credit to: Amena

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