Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram eating the food. Priya thinks he is eating so much like a kid. She says I m thinking why did you stay hungry. He says I thought the rituals should be same for both. Priya says nothing is equal, but just a nice thought. He says we can try and change the world. She says I was getting Akki and Shivi married, if I knew that you got unwell because of my family member, then I would have not lied, my way was wrong, I regret that. Ram says its not Akki and Shivi’s mistake, you want to say that. She says yes, you have a right to care for her. He says she is related to you also, sorry for what I told in the temple. She says its okay, mum said you have to give me a gift after Karwachauth. He says you want a gift. She says this marriage isn’t a normal one, I will give you a gift, Shivi is my responsibility, I will protect her, your fear won’t turn true, no one can harm her. He recalls Vedika’s words. He thinks Vedika is wrong, Priya can’t be wrong, she respects relations, Priya is innocent, I will never ask any answer, I don’t want this bitterness, is it necessary to end this relation. He messages Adi to ask about the papers. Adi shows Ram’s message. Brinda says give me a solution. Adi says they want to get separated, why are you matchmaking. Brinda says you men don’t understand what we feel, I won’t let their marriage break. He says if I m right, then I will call the reporters and make you apologize. She says I love you baby. He asks are you fine. She says yes, you gave a great idea. Kunal says I can do anything to save their marriage. She asks will you support me. He says yes, tell me what to do, Adi are you thinking so much. Brinda says Adi, trust me for the last time. Adi says fine. Vikrant asks will I stand alone, I m also with you.

Ram thinks of Priya. He thinks how does Priya do this, if I have to stand against the family, can I choose the right. He recalls Priya’s words. He says I wish Priya could tell me the reason behind doing all this. Shivi and Akki call Ram. Ram asks is everything fine. They thank Ram. Shivi asks where did you go at the time of surprise. Akki says stop complaining. Ram says don’t fight. Akki says sorry for eloping and marrying. Shivi says that was Priya’s idea. Akki says whose idea was it to stand in the middle of the road and threaten. Ram asks what were you trying to do. Shivi tells everything. Ram says don’t think of that, did you think of me, mom and Shubham. Akki says I will take care of her, don’t worry. Shivi says good night and I love you. Ram says Priya did all this because Shivi blackmailed her, how didn’t I think of this, even I get scared, Priya would be scared, there is so much, we couldn’t tell each other and understand.

Its morning, Ram says there is a surprise for you, Akki will have the remaining shoot in Mumbai. Shivi asks really, its an amazing news, I m making tea for Akki. Ram asks what, you are making tea. He laughs. Nandini says good work. Shivi says I will give this news to Akki with the tea. She ends call. Nandini says you did a good thing. Ram says its Shubham’s idea. Shubham says Shivi is my sister also. She says its a great idea. Neetu asks are we happy with Shivi and Akki’s marriage, I mean its happy thing. Ram sees Priya coming with her bag. Priya says I m leaving. Ram says papers didn’t come. She says we have to sign the papers some day, so I thought to go today, I have to tell mum also. He says let the papers come. She says don’t worry, I m going to the temple and meet mum, she helps some helpless abandoned women there. Neetu says right, your husband is also leaving you. Ram stops her. Meera prays for Priya. Rakhi comes there and curses Priya. Nandini says Meera is doing a good thing. Ram says I will drop you. Priya says no, I will manage, I know you are worried about Shivi, I promise I will always protect her, thanks for respecting me and my mum. Nandini says thanks, if you need anything, remember we are here. Priya leaves.

Meera and Rakhi argue. Rakhi says Ram will leave Priya, she will come home, a man leaves a woman if she isn’t suitable for him. She goes. Meera says Priya and Ram’s marriage shouldn’t break. Priya thinks of her marriage with Ram. Meera prays. Rakhi thinks you can pray, but it won’t help. Meera says Ram is made for Priya, their marriage shouldn’t break. Priya is at the door. Nandini asks what, someone leaked it in the media. Ram asks what happened. Nandini says your and Priya’s annulment papers got leaked in the media. Kunal comes and says you can’t go out, media is outside, I don’t want you to face all that, come inside. Priya goes back. Ram asks what are you saying. They see the news. Reporter tells about Ram’s contract marriage with an ordinary girl, just to get his sister married. Everyone gets shocked seeing the news. Ram asks where are the papers. Kunal says yes, just lawyers had the papers. Nandini says they are making us villains. Kunal says I request you all, stay inside the house, Adi and Vikrant are finding out. Ram says Priya stay at home, okay. Kunal smiles.

The media questions Sara. Priya asks why are they after us, where is mum. The media questions Meera as well. Priya sees the news. Ram meets Meera. She asks are you going to leave Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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