Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 18th October 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram saying we both have to stand together and be strong for Pihu’s sake, we have to meet the judge and answer her. Ram talks to Priya’s family. Krish comes. He says Ishaan was threatened, because he told the truth to someone when someone had spiked his drink. Sara says he was saying he didn’t drink on own. Ram says it means someone was threatening him, who. Krish says Vedika and Kanika did this, Ishaan went to the police station, he felt… Ram says that Priya and I will unite, I know the guilt, not fair.

He says Sara, sorry that he had to tolerate this because of Vedika, she has conspired against us. Krish says Vedika wanted Priya and you to get separated, she used Pihu, I m sure that Vedika is behind this. Ram says so sorry, I made you feel that I won’t trust you, I don’t need proof, I can see that in Pihu and Priya, we will expose Vedika, everyone will be invited tomorrow, the game is now in my hands, I don’t lose when its about my family, will you support me in bring Pihu and Pihu together.

They all say yes. Priya looks on. Vedika comes and greets Nandini. He asks is everything fine. Nandini says I m worried that Ram can go back to Priya, use Pihu, she isn’t talking to Priya. She asks Vedika to make a greeting card. She thinks Ram will see this handwriting and catch you then I will get Ram in my control. Vedika says done. She gets up and the water falls. Nandini argues. She says I asked you to make this card for Pihu. Ram comes. She says ask Tarun to get my breakfast to the room. Vedika asks Ram to explain Nandini to take food and medicines. Nandini smiles and thinks my plan didn’t fail. Ishaan comes to Priya.

He apologizes to her. She says you are strong and smart, stop crying. He says Ram has a plan to make you and Pihu pack bag, he loves you, I wish you both didn’t get separated, you think of your future, promise me, you will focus on your career. Ishaan promises. She asks him to go and sleep. She thinks I m worried that Nandini can create problems. Ram jokes. He says sorry, mom got angry on you. Vedika says I worry for you and Pihu, I m always there. He says yes, I know, you care for me and Pihu, I don’t know how the judge got to know this, you can help me and Pihu. Vedika happily hugs him and says of course Ram, I will come and do anything to bring out Pihu from this trauma. He thanks her. Nandini goes. Vedika says anything for you. He says make Nandini eat food and medicines. She says sure. He goes to Pihu. She says mumma… He calls Priya. He keeps the phone there. He asks Pihu to wake up, it’s a fresh new day. He cheers up Pihu.

He gets her dresses and asks her to choose whatever she wants. He says judge is coming, tell her that you don’t like Priya, I also don’t like her, we don’t need Priya’s permission now. She says no one will say anything bad to the judge, I will change and come. She goes. He says but you said you hate Priya. He says Priya, Pihu is like you, I promise to make you unite with her, I will find a way. Priya says no, I can’t come, I have some imp work. He asks what’s more imp than Pihu. Vedika looks on.

Priya goes to meet Krish. She asks Krish to drive fast. She says Ram said he will make our misunderstanding cleared. Krish says we have to pray that things get fine as we planned. Someone clicks their pic. She says we have to remove the shield off Nandini. Pihu makes a drawing. Nandini comes and says you would be thinking why Priya did that with Shivi, she had hidden it from you, right. Pihu nods. Nandini says you couldn’t imagine this, right.
Ram and Priya cheer up Pihu. They all sing and dance. Judge comes and asks them to stop the drama, they can’t fool her.


Update Credit to: Amena

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