Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 19th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya saying I feel everyone will go away from me. She asks what do you think. Ram says Mahender and Neeraj are wrong. She says you love Neeraj, right. He says no, I didn’t take his name. It starts raining. He says let me go under the rains. She says no, its bad, you will get cold. He shows the coupon and says you told that you will get under the rains with me, you promised me. She says you are lying, why would I do this. He says I love rains, you promised me.

Vedika says Shashi, I have seen Mahender leaving. Shashi says so what, he works for me. She says his son also works for you, why did you send him to Ram’s party. He asks why would I send him there, what new game are you playing, do you want to trap Ram.

She says I left you because you lied to me, you went bankrupt. He says Ram paid the money and fixed everything, you lied that I beat you, I will see you. She says I m with Ram, no one can harm me. He says Ram doesn’t love you now. She says I will show you my old Ram’s anger for you, I promise. She leaves.

Priya says I didn’t promise. Ram says you don’t hurt anyone’s heart, its my birthday, you are Mrs. Priya Kapoor. She thinks I m so mad. He says please. She says fine, but you can’t come. He says I love rains. She says you will fall sick, if you want me to keep my promise, then you have to keep the word. He says okay, close your eyes. She closes her eyes. He asks her to forward her hand. He thinks she is so stubborn. She says done. He laughs. He loosens her hair. He holds her hand and feels the rains. He looks at her. Kabhi jo badal barse….plays…

They play with the rain waters and laugh. She says I enjoy the rains. He asks what did you say. She says don’t say anything, else my rude image will spoil. He says rains stopped, shall we go. She says okay. He says be careful, you will fall down. She says no, I know you will hold me, come.

Vedika and Shubham come there. She says this matter is going out of our hands. He says its Shivi’s mistake, she should have married Sid. She says focus on the present, do anything, Priya should think you are changing, fake it, I have to win this game. He asks how long would I do this, Priya may meet Anjali, what shall we do. She says Raj is our boy, he is a fool, he can take us to Anjali, if we make a mistake, then you will lose Ram’s trust, I will lose Ram. He says Ram won’t know anything.

Its morning, Shubham goes to Priya and greets her. He asks all fine, right, Ram asked me to check on you. He asks Tarun to come. Tarun gets the aid. Shubham says you didn’t realize, someone fed you alcohol yesterday. She asks did I do anything wrong. He says no, you can’t do wrong, take medicines, we will make a new start, you won my heart by not telling anything to Ram. She says I m glad to see you understand responsibility. He says I will go, Ram also left for the meeting. She says but Ram doesn’t go for meetings in the morning. Ram is at office.

Adi gets coffee for him. He says you are finishing meetings early. Ram says I have to go at 5. Adi asks is Priya fine. Ram says yes, no,I don’t know. Raj eats the burgers. Shubham gets Vedika’s message. He says you work for Shashi, and Shashi works for Ram, it means you work for Ram. Raj says yes. Shubham asks why did you come to the party. Raj says I was asked to follow Priya and Sara, they were going to meet Anjali. Shubham asks do you know where is Anjali. Raj says yes.

Shubham says take me to her. Ram says I didn’t celebrate my birthdays till now, because of my dad and Vedika, I proposed her with love. Adi asks what now. Ram says my past is just about them, the funny thing is, that video played, that feeling which didn’t let me move on, I didn’t feel it this time. Adi smiles. Ram says I was hurt because of Priya, she would be hurt if she knew this truth, what shall I think of this. Shubham calls Vedika. She says come soon, I m going to meet Ram. She says Shashi, I will end this drama soon. Priya talks to Anjali. Anjali says now I know who are those people. Priya asks do you know. Anjali says yes, you have to meet me. Priya asks her to come and meet her at the family cafe. Anjali says no, somewhere else. Priya asks her to come to office. Anjali says okay. Priya asks who is it, why was she so tensed.

Vedika says we will find Anjali. Anjali calls and finds about Akki’s investment. Priya asks did you see their face. Anjali says no, one of them was calling you Bhabhi. Priya thinks did Shubham do this.

Update Credit to: Amena

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