Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya asking how close are you and Vedika. Ram asks what’s this question. Priya says she didn’t make the NGO payment. He says don’t worry, I will pay, how does it matter. She asks why will you make it, that’s why I don’t say anything, I asked for help, not money. He asks what’s wrong in that. They argue. He says I will ask her, sorry. She says when I told about payment, why did you get hyper, like I m accusing you, not Vedika. He says sorry. She says its okay. He thinks she can fight knowing Vedika is my past, it will be good to tell her about the past, not today, its our first date, I will tell her everything tomorrow.

Vedika looks for Sid and Shubham. She says I will call them. Shashi calls her. He asks what’s this new drama, Priya’s sister has come and asked for a cheque, what did you buy now. She asks him to give the cheque, its just 2.5 lakhs. He says I shouldn’t waste time in explaining you. He goes. She thinks he says anything, he thinks Ram will listen to Priya’s sister than me. Akki collides with her. He says Shivi didn’t come, I have my film’s poster shoot here. She thinks something big is going to happen here. Sara says Vedika asked me to take cheque from you. Shashi says I forgot cheque book at the office, I will give the cheque tomorrow, you know Ram and I are good friends. Sara says of course, I understand, sorry, thanks. He says its okay, I had some work. She says Vedika asked me to go home. He says its okay, I will ask Ram to make the payment, this goes on between us, I won’t need to ask him, Ram and Vedika’s relation is special. She thinks what does he want to tell.

Ram says mom and dad met here for the first time, this restaurant is special. Priya asks him to say more. He says Nandini came in my dad’s life and changed it, dad used to be happy, my friends used to ask me, how did I like my stepmom, I never saw that, but just dad’s smile, dad taught me that family’s smile is the biggest peace, I thought my life’s incomplete part will be incomplete, but mum is mum, she has sent us here. Priya thinks what is he saying. He thinks what am I saying, she will laugh or get angry. She says you order the food, I won’t even be able to spell the things. He jokes and asks will you have ghee upma. She says no, order anything you want. He says thanks Meera Maa that she taught this to you. She says I also know to give surprises.

She says you can’t become a hero now. She says I will give you a surprise, until you order the food. Akki talks to Sara and says I will take loan and help Anjali. Sara says you are ready to help her, Shashi and Vedika are rich, but don’t have 2.5 lakhs to pay the bill, please inform the producers, your idea isn’t right. Akki says no, it will become embarrassing for her. She says at least check Anjali’s phone and teach a lesson to the blackmailers. Sid asks Anjali to finish the photoshoot fast, she has less time. He says we are also here. Shubham says Ram has come. Akki asks Anjali to trust him, he needs time in arranging money. She says we have no time, don’t worry, I have arranged it. She goes.

Sid says Anjali needs money, we didn’t leave any option to her, Anjali has to push Akki. Shubham says we are here for our project work. Sid says we are so hardworking. Shubham says I will call Ram and Priya. Sid says I will call the police, Akki will get jailed. Shubham says Shivi will be with mom, we will ask Ram to handle this, Priya will have to answer us. The food is served. Priya says I have written it, surprise is done. She says its vouchers, you can use it once, I will fulfill whatever is written. Ram reads her promises. He smiles happily. She says I give best surprises, right. He says yes, have food. He thinks thanks Lord, lets keep the drama away, I m sure she will understand me when I tell about my past, I will not keep any secret. She asks will you give any surprise now. Akki and Anjali get the photoshoot done. Akki asks her to cheer up. The photographer asks where is your focus. Akki thinks how shall I help Anjali.

Sid says Anjali is a good actress, we can use this against her. Anjali thinks to do something soon, there is no way. Akki gets water. The water falls over her dress. He says so sorry. She goes. She leaves her phone there. Shubham messages Ram and asks where are you on the dinner date. Ram gets the message. He replies, we are leaving now, we finished the dinner. Shubham says he is leaving, we have to do something now. Sid messages Anjali to hurry up. Shubham asks how shall I stop Ram, I know something.

Akki scolds Anjali. Ram and Priya hear Akki and rush. Akki says she is saying that those guys are inside. Ram asks the man to open the door with the masterkey. Sid and Shubham get shocked.

Update Credit to: Amena

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