Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 20th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram saying I will go home early and tell Priya about Vedika and me. Adi says there is someone who wants to create problems between Priya and you. Ram asks who will do that, there was just family. Vedika comes and meets Ram. She asks Adi can I talk to Ram in private. Ram says don’t go, I didn’t complete. Adi says I will stay outside. He goes. Ram asks Vedika not to remove the rose. Vedika says but you like roses. He recalls Vedika and Priya’s words. He says hand it over to me. She says I have to tell you something, Shivi is like family, I told you that I can do anything to protect her. He says yes, why are you telling this to me now. She says whatever that happened with Akki was not a plan.

He says you don’t know Akki, I don’t want to talk. She says I went to bank, Neeraj told me. He asks why are you talking to Ram. She says I know you dislike him, you know someone used to send money to Anjali, Neeraj told me about the account. He asks whose account is it. She says Akki’s producer, think, Akki might be guilty, you know how this industry is. He asks what are you saying, you don’t know Akki. She says you just see good in others, you are so good, He says I m emotional and you are practical, I can always choose Akki over Neeraj.

She says fine, I won’t talk to Neeraj, shall we wait for Shivi to face anything wrong, why did Priya step back. Ram says I stopped her, because Akki doesn’t want Shivi to know this and feel hurt. She says Akki wants to hide the truth, trust me. Shubham and Raj come to meet Anjali. Someone opens the door. Ram says I need to talk to Priya. Vedika asks why, its not her mistake, she will get worried, better give the good news to her by confirming that Akki is innocent, you can do this for Priya. He says okay, I will see what I can do. She says I m there, I will never leave the support. Shubham thinks where is Anjali. Anjali comes to Ram’s office.

Shubham calls Vedika and says Anjali isn’t there. Vedika says fine her, we will be badly trapped. Anjali is behind. Vedika says I convinced Ram to think that Akki can be wrong. Akki and Shivi come to meet Sara. Shivi says we have come to meet Ram, I don’t like to travel in cabs. Shivi says Ram doesn’t take anything from younger ones. Sara says Ram will like any small gift from you. Ram comes. Shivi and Akki wish Ram. Vedika comes along. Sara thinks why did she come here, she comes everywhere.

Priya says so sorry I couldn’t come to meet, thanks for coming. Anjali says your family member is involved. Priya asks who. Sara asks Vedika where is your husband. Vedika says he would be fine. Sara says you should keep communication open. Ram asks how are you Akki, I heard the shooting stopped. Akki says yes, I m okay, I started to give new auditions. Shivi says he saves money, he invests money to grow it, then I will spend it, cut the cake. She goes to get the candles. Ram asks where did you invest the money. Vedika says don’t take his class, next time take Ram’s advice. Akki says yes.

Ram says just out of curiosity, where did you invest. Akki says care fund. She says well chosen. Shivi and Sara light the candles. Ram blows the candles and cuts the cake. Vedika outs some envelope in Shivi’s bag. She feeds the cake to Ram. Anjali says I didn’t see his face, trust me, I m not lying, my career is already ruined, Akki asked me to go to police, I made a big mistake by not listening to him. Priya says don’t worry, did you see his face. Anjali says no, he was talking about 5%, they were two people, one of them was calling you Bhabhi. Priya thinks did Shubham do this.

She asks are you sure. Anjali says they were talking about 5% partnership. Priya says I understood who is he, he will get punished, he tried to ruin Akki’s life and career, its not right to make a woman do this. She calls Twinkle and says I m sending Anjali to you, keep her home, I will come and explain you everything. Priya asks Anjali to go to Twinkle’s house, she will be safe there. Anjali thanks her.

Priya says I have to tell this to Ram, will he believe me. She goes to Ram’s cabin. She asks Tarun where is Ram. He says don’t know. She says I will call Ram and ask him, I m his wife, I can call him. Shubham comes and says I have made a presentation, I wanted to take your opinion. Mama ji compliments him. Priya thinks Anjali told me about the two persons. Mama ji asks did you want to meet Ram, he went out with Vedika. Priya says its okay, I will go. She leaves.

Shubham says Priya is finding Anjali, we are gone if she finds out. Mama ji asks did Priya know that you did this. Shubham says she would have sent us to jail. Mamaji gets Shashi’s call. He goes out. Ram and Vedika come home. She asks are you fine. Ram calls Rohit and says you deal with care funds investors right, tell me about Akshay’s investment. Rohit says there is no one of this name. Ram thinks. Vedika says so sorry, I didn’t wish to be true, it was imp to find the truth. She smiles and thinks I just have to find Anjali.

Vedika calls Shubham and says I found something. He asks did you find Anjali. Shubham and Shivi find Akki with Anjali. Ram andPriya come.

Update Credit to: Amena

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