Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the man saying this is a surprise for you from your mom and brother. Ram says my fav chocolate muffin, its amazing surprise by Shubham. Ram says there is no network here. The man says network is jammed here because of VIP check in, you may go out and make a call. Ram eats the muffins. He asks Priya to come. Anjali says I want to talk to you. Akki asks what. She holds his hand and says you told me that you will help me, I m really scared. He asks what’s the matter.

She asks him to give her money. He says I have 50000rs, I got it. Sid and Shubham hear this and smile. Akki gives the money to Anjali. He asks are you sure that the blackmailer will spare you after this, I will come with you, don’t go alone. She says no need, thanks for your concern, I will handle, thanks. He says I don’t find it right, we will make some other plan, give me this money. She says no. He says give it. She shouts no, you had harassed me and now you are stepping back from paying the price. Sid smiles. Shubham calls Ram. He calls the hotel staff and asks for Ram. The man says Ram left from the hotel. Shubham says its urgent, ask him to call me. Sid says call Ram, police will come. Akki says when did I force you, nothing happened between us. Anjali says you exploited me, I will raise a voice against you. Akki says you are lying. She tears her sleeve. She says yes, I m lying, who will believe you, I have called the police. He takes her phone and says fine, I will tell the truth to the police. Ram and Priya are outside the hotel. They thank each other. He says I want to talk to you. She asks him to say. The man comes and says Shubham called for you, he said its urgent. Ram says I will call him, thanks. Ram calls Shubham. Shubham assks what will we do now. Sid says he doesn’t know we are here, lets leave. Shubham says Ram would be going home, thank God, something good happened. Ram says we will go home. Akki calls Priya. Ram puts the phone on speaker.

They hear Anjali and Akki arguing. Akki says I m trying to help you, you are trying to frame me into this scam, how could you do this, I wanted to check your phone and help you, but I didn’t know that you are trying to frame me, I didn’t know you will try to loot me, I will call the police, we will talk in front of them. Ram says he is in a big problem. Priya says Shivi will feel bad. Anjali says no, listen to me, I m worried, my dad is ill, I have no money for treatment, they are blackmailing me, I swear. Akki says shut up, my life would have got ruined. Anjali says no, they are in the other room. He asks where. Akki and Anjali come to Sid’s room. Priya asks are you fine. Akki says she is saying they are inside. Ram says open the door, else I will call the police. Sid and Shubham worry. He asks the man to open the room by master room. The man says sorry. Ram says you know me, just open it. The man opens the room. Ram thanks him. They get inside. They don’t see anyone. Priya says there is no one here. Akki scolds Anjali. Anjali says they said they are here, trust me. Akki checks the balcony. He sees Shubham and Sid. Ram asks what’s happening. Akki says you want to frame me by using Anjali, this is disgusting. Shubham asks what are you saying. Sid says we didn’t do anything. Priya asks Anjali to say. Anjali says I don’t think its the people who threatened us. Sid says we came here for work, Shashi booked the room for us, you can ask him. Shubham asks why will I trap Akki, he is my family. Ram says he is right. Priya asks who called you. Anjali says trust me, he had threatened me, I don’t know, he said he is in other room. Shubham confuses her. Priya says we will check other rooms. Police comes. Inspector says we got a call about a scam. Akki says this girl had tried to frame me. Priya says she said someone hired her to frame Akki. Anjali says yes, I was scared. Ram says Shubham is my family, we are family. He asks the waiter about the other room. Waiter says its booked on Vedika’s name. Sid asks why will she come here. Vedika says there is no confusion, I had called them.

Ram says you here, you framed Akki. Akki asks did you do this entire drama, she confessed it. Sid says wait, I will call Shashi. Vedika says Ram, ask me. Priya says he won’t ask, I will ask, do you want to trap Akki. Vedika says I wanted to know if Akki is cheating on Shivi. Priya and Ram scold Vedika. Vedika says I get tension about you, after all its you and me, Priya I don’t know your and Ram’s relation, Ram and my relation is strong, I can’t tolerate anything wrong with Shivi. Priya says my brother could have got trapped, inspector arrest Anjali and Vedika, Akki and Shivi’s marriage would have broken, what were you thinking, its totally wrong.

Sid says wait. Vedika says its okay Sid, I m ready to get arrested, call the lawyer. Ram says you could have talked to me. Vedika says no, I had seen Akki and Anjali’s pics and thought they have some affair. Akki asks what pics. She shows the pics. He says she was crying in my vanity, she lied to me about her BF, I pitied her and she clicked these pics secretly. Ram and Priya see the pics.

Akki shouts on Anjali and asks her to answer everyone. Anjali runs. Police runs after her. Vedika asks Ram, you tell me, what would you do if you get such pics, I thought to find out the truth, I didn’t know this girl is a big fraud, she said Akki is blackmailing her, she told similar story to Akki, I didn’t do anything, I thought to save her from Akki, you can ask Neeraj. Priya asks what. Vedika says I got money for this girl from Neeraj’s bank. She calls Neeraj and asks did you get the money arranged. He says yes, why, what happened. She says nothing.

She says Priya, I m not against you and your brother, I didn’t want wrong to happen with Shivi. Priya says its disgusting, if that girl did anything, then Akki would have not got the bail. Akki says she would have shouted and accused me, my career would have ended. Priya says yes, its not a play going on. Vedika says my way was wrong, I did this to do right, sometimes it happens, you made Shivi elope and marry Akki.

Ram says you are here because you are upset on me. Priya says its okay, I don’t need you, I want to be alone. Ram says you don’t need to be alone now. She asks why, who is with me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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