Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 21st June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Pihu talking to Priya on call. Priya asks her to take the phone to Ishaan. Ishaan says Ram is disappointed with me, I have to tell him why I did this. Vedika comes and says whatever you told there was a lie, how did you change your decision, tell me. Priya says I will make a normal call. She thinks I don’t want anyone to see me. Pihu says don’t worry, I will hide you.

Vedika says I know, you are using Ram for your hi fi education. Ishaan asks why are you so affected. Vedika says Ram is also affected, I gave these papers to you to sign. He says I didn’t take it, I changed my decision, so what. She asks on whose saying did you do this. He thinks I can’t tell her anything. He says I will talk to Ram, not you. She says you will regret this, wait and watch.

Vedika sees Pihu and says you here, thief’s daughter. Pihu says you have no manners. She says I will go and tell everyone, what you said. She thinks to make Vedika apologize. Krish and Priya discuss about Ram. She says I can’t believe that Ram can stoop so low that he uses Ishaan to stop the marriage, he can’t separate a mum and a son. Ram asks Adi to check cctv footage, did Ishaan go out.

He asks for his medicines. Pihu comes and collides. The medicines fall. Ram scolds Pihu and asks whose daughter is she. Sara recalls Priya’s words. Meera asks where is Maitri. Sandy says she went home, she was feeling uneasy. Pihu argues with Ram.

Ram says you are a drama queen. She says you broke the promise. Brinda asks Ram, really, you broke the promise to a kid for a cupcake. Nandini asks whose daughter is she. Pihu argues. She says Vedika calls me by bad name.

Ram asks Vedika what is she saying. Ishaan says Vedika gave me the papers, she said Ram made the papers. Priya asks what. He says I m feeling guilty. She says no need, you handled the situation well. He says I have hurt him. She says when you tell him that your happiness is in your mom’s happiness, he will understand, don’t take my name.


Priya says Ram can’t make those legal papers. Krish asks what will Vedika get, doing this. Vedika says I called her an uninvited guest. Pihu says lie, she called me a thief’s child. Vikrant says she is my guest, Vedika this is not done. Vedika says sorry. Pihu says its okay, I forgive you.

She calls Ram arrogant and goes. Vedika thinks I hate her. Brinda thinks I love her, she made Vedika say sorry. Priya says I should have not come here, Ram would have decided this, why did he make the papers. Krish says just he can answer, why don’t you meet him. She gets a letter.

She says it’s the balance letter of my coaching class. He asks her to go and take the money. She says I will go, Sara should know this. He says no. She asks what shall I do. Ram says I m not upset. He asks Ishaan to have food. Ishaan says sorry. Ram says you don’t need to be sorry, how did you change your mind. Vikrant says I feel guilty hiding Pihu’s truth from Ram. Sara says but Priya doesn’t want this.

He says its fate. Meera says I also felt the same when Maitri told me that Pihu and Ram met at the mall. Sara says you didn’t tell me before, I will tell Priya. Vikrant says they were fighting today. Meera says yes, but it had love, Ram and Priya’s relation also started the same way. Sandy says their relation is over. Meera says no, its not over. Sara says Ishaan has come back to me, I m sure. Meera says yes, because of Priya, we should return her happiness.

Ram says you went to meet Priya, right, I know, I have seen the hotel cctv. Ishaan says no, we think of those who we love, you love me, I m learning keeping relations from you, I think what you would do in this situation and I get my answers, you are my idol, you get happy in family’s happiness. Ram thinks I m not the same now. Priya and Pihu dance on Aye zindagi…. She says I will take you out. Krish comes and asks Priya are you going to collect the money. Priya says yes, but after the other offices close.

Ram and Priya meet at the temple. Everyone looks on.

Update Credit to: Amena

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