Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Vedika saying I asked Anjali to take Akki’s confession, I wanted to solve the problem, I didn’t know she is like this. Inspector says Anjali has run away. Vedika says you can arrest me. Shubham says wait, see these pics, anyone will think the same. Priya says no, I would go and ask Akki. Sid says we are all not sensible like you, we do such things in love, forget it. Akki says Inspector, we don’t want to complain. Priya says fine, Akki come home. Akki says I will go. Ram says I will come along. She says no, we will go. She goes with Akki. Ram thinks wrong happened, Priya is right, I disappointed her. He says Vedika, you didn’t need to taunt Priya, don’t repeat this again. He asks Sid to take Vedika home. Sid nods. Ram leaves.

Priya asks Akki not to worry and go home, everything will get fine. She says I know, you can never do this. Akki says I know, you trust me a lot, I promise I will never break your trust, don’t tell this to Shivi, go home with Ram, you always think about Shivi and me, I will not do anything to ashame you and Ram. She says you go home, I will go with Ram, call me if there is any problem. He hugs her and goes.

She thinks to find out everything. Vedika says Priya would have found out your lie. Sid says we told them that we are here for work, Ram listens to us. She says Priya would catch you. Shubham says Vedika is right. Sid asks how did you get those pics. She says I knew your plan, I checked your phone and got the pics. Shubham says Ram is giving 5% to Ram, we can’t tolerate this. She says you trapped yourself while trapping Priya. He thanks her. She says I will talk to Ram. She gets Shashi’s call. He asks her to come home.

Priya thinks I promised Akki that I will go home with Ram, I don’t want to face him, Akki was smart to call me and make me hear all that, what if he didn’t do this, Akki got me married to Ram for his love, who is that girl, why did she frame her, what was happening there, was she lying, was Vedika saying the truth, Ram was silent, they are his family, Shubham is his brother, Ram respects Vedika, they have a relation since years, who am I, he married me for his sister’s sake, I have no right on him, his nature is good so he takes care of me, why shall I expect him to support me. She says I don’t need anyone, I can handle everything, no one will stand by me. Ram comes to the bakery. She thinks how does he know that I m here. Shashi asks Vedika to answer. She says ask Sid, I had gone to save Sid. He asks really, you went to impress Ram. She says wow, I saved your brother. He says Ram would not let anything happen to Sid and Shubham, you went there to impress Ram, his family and you are his weakness, you wanted him to respect you, so you called my expensive lawyer. She argues. She says Ram would have made Sid out of this deal, you said you need this deal the most. He says you mea you went to save my deal. He shouts on her. He says I have no money to pay the lawyer, ask me before you do anything, you left Ram and married me, because I had money, now I have nothing, so you want to get back to Ram, sorry Priya ruined your entire game, stupid. He goes. She gets angry.

Priya says Vedika isn’t between us, we don’t understand each other. Ram says you have a right to get upset. She says I m shocked, I m relieved that my brother got saved, I m upset that a girl wanted to trap him, why, I don’t know, I will find out why she did this. Ram asks are you not feeling anything else. She says no. He says you are lying, there is another reason, tell me with all your right if you are upset. She thinks no, don’t trust him, all men are the same, I m alone, its just to say. He says no, I came to apologize, I was also worried, Shubham, Sid, Akki and you were there, I felt the same. She says I understand. He says no, you don’t, I want to hear your feelings. She says I m not upset, Akki needed me so I went with him. He asks is he here, why did you come here alone. She asks will you tell me if I m a good sister or not.

He says no, I mean to say that you are here because you don’t want to meet me. She asks who am I to get upset with you, we got married against our wish, I understand, its okay if you don’t want to support me, you had your family and friend there, I m habitual to stay alone, I don’t need you, I m fine. He says you are stubborn. She says you can say anything, I didn’t get your friend arrested, I heard you. He asks why did you stay quiet. She says you would have called me rude then, I don’t want to hear this, I came here to stay alone. He says I came here to say that you don’t need to stay alone. She asks why, who is with me. He asks really. She says no need. He says everyone makes mistakes, its nothing new, you would have said that this is not right, we decided that this marriage isn’t fake, this happens in normal marriages, you can tell anything by right, we are married, this is the truth, you are my present, its my everything, past doesn’t matter, this is the meaning of marriage for me, I m sorry, we will go home. She says relations change after marriage, relations confuse me, life makes us choose between relations and marriage, its tough, I don’t want you to choose between me and your old relations, so I decided to get away, you have relations in your life, I m your wife but I don’t want your relations to break, this is the meaning of marriage for me.

Vedika calls Ram home. She cries and says Shashi is angry on me, he couldn’t forget that I loved you, won’t you help me. Nandini says we will help you and take you home. Ram brings Vedika home.

Update Credit to: Amena

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