Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd March 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya hearing about the bangle and saying what’s happening. She goes out and asks what happened. She sees the same bangle. Vedika says Ram had it, he kept it for Shubham. Shubham says Ram won’t have it in his clothes. Shivi says its Akki’s clothes. He asks Akki how did you get this bangle. Mami says he would have stolen this.

Nandini asks how can you say this. He asks Akki why did you steal it. Mami says he asked it for Shivi, when we refused, then he has stolen the bangle, he is a thief. Akki says enough, think and talk. She says you are a thief. Akki says enough. Vedika says shut up Akki, don’t you have manners to talk. Priya says I m here, talk to me, his family will decide what he will answer, I m his family, not you. Vedika says he insulted Mami. Priya says I know she is like your family, there is a difference in being family and being like family. Shubham asks her to answer, Akki has stolen it.

Priya says he didn’t steal, I have no proof, but I know he will die but he can’t steal. He shouts how shall we believe it. Nandini says calm down, how shall we believe it. Ram comes and says because Priya is saying it, she is saying right. She asks what are you saying, Ram.

Ram says Akki didn’t steal it. She asks did you give this to Akki. Shubham says he is guilty. Ram says you want a proof for this bangle. She says its your mum’s bangle. Shubham says we know its special for you. Ram says its special but not more imp than the family, is it right that we are asking him for proof. Vedika says its not the matter, we were worried for the bangle, Akki demanded it and we got this from his clothes, we want to know if he is right or wrong.

Ram asks who will decide it. She says you are saying this. He says we asked him for proof before, Shashi had framed him, Shubham had raised hand on him, did anyone apologize to him, did Akki say any work, no, why, because he loves Shivi and respect our family.

Vedika says I won’t tolerate if anyone tries to hurt you. Ram says this is the difference between you and Priya, when she learnt that her dad tried to kill me, remember that prawns incident, she complaint against her dad, but she didn’t complain about Shashi, because of you, she knows you are already suffering a lot, she never blamed you for Shashi, we know how we behaved with Akki, this comparison is wrong, its impossible to become like Priya. Priya asks Ram to stop it, its enough that he said that. She says Akki didn’t steal it, we have no proof. Ram says I m not asking for proof, if you said it, then its right, no one will say anything, if anyone wants to blame then find out first, no one will blame Akki in this house from now, Akki is my younger brother like Shubham.


Shubham says I m sorry and goes. Nandini says sorry Akki. Akki says its okay, Priya has the right on that bangle, no one else, forgive me. Vedika thinks what happened to Ram today. Ram says Vedika, I had to meet your lawyer and went early, he told me that Shashi named the Juhu bungalow to your name, I want you to go there and stay. Shivi says but we were taking her to Manali.

Mami worries. Vedika cries and says you are ousting me from your house, because I questioned Akki, Priya said right, I m not a part of this family. Ram says you are our friend, we will stand by you, go home, I don’t want our family fights to affect you, happy beginnings to you, I will ask Tarun to pack your bags and send it. He goes. Nandini and Vedika worry.

Ram asks Tarun for water. Priya says he went to village. He says he was downstairs. She says that’s Ajay. He says I call everyone Tarun. She gets water for him. She thanks him for showing trust. He says you said we are friends, no sorry and no thanks in friendship. He goes. Akki says I can’t hide this for long, sorry, forgive me, I had hidden that bangle. Ram asks what, if Priya knows it then, she stood alone for you.

Akki says you also stood by me, I didn’t steal it, I had hit it, listen to me. Ram asks why did you do this. Akki says I found it with Vedika, I was angry, I thought why would you give it to her. Brinda asks what, seriously. Adi says yes. She dances. She says Vedika is leaving from Ram’s house, I m so happy. He says calm down. She jokes. They hug. Ram asks how did you think that I will give my mum’s last sign to Vedika.

Akki says it fell down from Vedika’s bag, Priya was there, if she knew it, then she would be hurt. Ram says I didn’t give it to her, I have no proof. Akki says I know, don’t tell this to Priya, she will feel bad, forgive me. Ram says get up, if anything such happens again, come and talk to me, keep Shivi happy. Akki promises him. Ram says I m happy, Priya doesn’t torture me. Akki says you stay happy, take care. Ram asks him to go. Akki says I love you and hugs him. He goes.

Ram recalls Priya’s words. Pavan comes and says Nandini is calling you. Ram asks isn’t your name Tarun, Ajay. The man says no, Pavan. Ram says I will call you Tarun. He goes to Nandini. She asks is Priya fine. He says yes. She says I will make sure that situation doesn’t get spoiled, I also worry for the family respect. Ram says yes, thanks. She says wait, there is a matter which didn’t get resolved, don’t neglect Vedika.

Priya says come, we will do something. Ram sings Humko sirf tumse pyaar hai…. He applies the haldi to her. She also applies it to him.

Update Credit to: Amena

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