Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Akki asks are you fine. Priya asks about his shoot. He says its going on, if Ram leaves you, then… he is doing wrong. She says its our matter, we will handle it, promise me, you won’t become another Mahender Sood. Akki says you really think I will become like him, no, you both are my lifelines, I promise this won’t happen. Sara says good, Priya did you talk to Ram. Priya says no, I think I should tell the channels that I m doing this by my will, there is no other way. Adi says you both go for an interview, act that you both know each other about you, media is making you a villain, she can’t give an interview alone. Kunal says this news affected your deal. Vikrant says you think once. Adi says convince Priya once. Ram asks how will we convince that we are a couple. Adi says Brinda will prepare you. Kunal says we all are here to help. Adi gets the journalist’s call. Ram signs him to take the call. Nandini comes to Priya and asks are you fine. Priya says I m sorry, I didn’t wish to refuse to you. Nandini says relax, I was also not wrong. Priya says I will go and tell everything at the news channel, I will tell Meera that I don’t want to keep this relation, Ram is so good. Ram hears this. Priya says I will say that I don’t want to keep this marriage, Shivina will stay happy, Akki will keep her happy. Nandini says I know, I wish your and Ram’s marriage didn’t end like this, I will pray that you stay happy. She goes. Ram says we all don’t want this relation to end. He gets Adi’s message. He goes to Priya. She says whatever you told mum at the temple. He says I understand, you think I have made fake promises. She says thanks, you saved my mum from embarrassment. He asks why are you saying thanks to me, you would do the same for my family. She says yes. He says I should thank you for thinking about Shivi, and going against your dad and Raj. She says no one did this for me till now, I have to fix this problem. He says we have to fix this, I have thought of something, sit, Adi told a solution, he thinks we should give interview as a couple. She says this will complicate things, we are separated right, I was going to leave, then why is this happening, what about marriage annulment. He says we can shut up these news channels by this interview, I know you don’t like me. She says no. Bade acchhe….plays…

He says you can save us from this blame, we can deny them together, I m not acting like a hero, but I want your help, if possible. Nandini asks what is it, interview. Shubham says yes, Ram is doing this for my project, Ram will prepare and go there. Nandini asks did Priya say yes. He says yes, Ram did heroic things by saving her mom. She asks when will we get rid of her. Neetu says I have an idea, we have to stop Priya from going for the prep, if she goes unprepared, then it will be a flop show, Shivi can help us.

Nandini asks Neetu to call Shivi. Neetu goes to get her phone. Ram talks to his clients. Brinda comes and asks are you ready. Ram says yes. Adi says Priya would be coming. Priya sees Shivi in a mess. She asks are you okay. Shivi says yes, everyone left me alone, Akki is busy, look at my hands, I don’t know anything, Tarun isn’t here to help. She asks Priya to help her. Priya says not today, I have to go to Ram for an imp work. Shivi says Sarika will get angry, I will tell Ram that you will get late. Priya says fine, I will help, message Ram and tell him that I will be late. Shivi says I will wash my hands and come. Brinda says lets see what you know about Priya, try. Ram says I don’t know. Brinda asks him Priya’s fav colour. He says red, because she gets angry. She asks her fav food. He says ghee upma. She asks what does she like in drinks. He says she doesn’t drink. She says cute. Adi says get serious. Brinda asks what’s her fav film. Ram says she doesn’t see. Brinda asks Ram to not insult Priya in front of media. Ram says she will tell the truth in anger. Adi asks where is Priya. Kunal says she isn’t at the office. Brinda says she will come, call her. Ram thinks if she doesn’t come, then.

Priya cooks the food. She asks Shivi did you message Ram. Shivi says yes. Priya thinks to ask Shivi about Ram. She asks Shivi to tell her about Ram, what he likes. Shivi says he likes us, he fulfills our wishes in free time. Priya thinks he does everything for family. She talks to Shivi, and thinks they all left Ram and went for the trip. Vikrant says news channel person has come. Ram asks how will I give interview without Priya. Adi gets angry on Brinda. Ram says relax, just chill, do we know where is Priya, don’t vent anger on Brinda, I will give the interview alone. Ram goes. Adi says you won’t interfere in anyone’s life, Priya doesn’t care for Ram. Shivi says Priya is a genius, she made much food in a short time. Nandini says wow, she is a good cook, where is she, I will thank her. Shivi says she just left. Ram thinks Priya got late. Shivi says I had to call Ram, I forgot to tell him about Priya. Nandini says relax, he won’t get angry, concentrate on the family, serve the food well. Nandini says we passed, Priya failed, this interview won’t happen, it will be much fun today.

The reporter asks Ram about his wife. Priya comes. The reporter asks do you know about his first love. Priya looks at Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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