Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 22nd November 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nandini saying we three should be together. Vedika says this game is in my hands. She shows Ram’s message. She reads it for them. Nandini smiles. Vedika says now tell me, what wrong did I do by calling Sid here, we will deal with Sid later, Ram’s PA is gone now, Ram has come more close to me because of her. At home, Vedika says Ram is the most close to me. Nandini asks Tarun to check desserts. She asks Vedika to stay close to ground, when she falls, she will be less hurt. Vedika thanks Ram for keeping dinner for her. Nandini says you are special for him, Lovely had to leave, she has hurt Vedika’s heart. Shubham asks Vedika to find a good assistant for Ram. She asks him not to worry. Ram thinks what will Lovely do now. Krish asks why did you resign. Priya asks what can I do.

She tells about Vedika. She says now everything is in Ram’s hand, I sent my message to him. Krish asks what. Ram thanks Nandini for organizing a good dinner. He says I worry for you, Vedika, I m concerned for you, I can’t imagine how Shashi might have tortured you. Vedika says I recalled what I was trying to forget. He says sorry, I thought you can clear your mind by coming to office, I was wrong, you need a break, you go away from us for some days. Nandini coughs.

She says you are right, you and Vedika should go out. Ram says no, you both should go, it will really help, mom can help Vedika well, you both will be going to Shimla, I booked the tickets. Vedika thanks him. Krish says amazing. Priya says I convinced Ram to send them to Shimla. Sara says well done. Krish asks why did you resign. Priya says Ram didn’t refuse to Nandini when she asked him to fire me, what could I tell him.

Priya gets sad. Adi gets Ram’s call and acts. Vikrant asks what are you doing. Ram says you have to handle the meeting. Adi says call your PA. Vikrant says he fired his PA. Adi says he needs to hire her, PA isn’t Lovely, I think she is Priya. Vikrant asks are you sure, is she our Priya. Adi says she was hiding her face with her hair, she took Vedika and Shubham’s class, someone sent flowers for her, there was firecrackers drawing. Vikrant says Pihu might have made it, Priya found a way to reach Ram. Adi says we have to help her. Vikrant says yes. Adi says Sara didn’t tell you anything. Vikrant says Ram will not let you sleep for a week now.

Ram says I have no assistant now. He calls Adi and asks for his help. Adi tells some plan. Ram thanks her. Adi says call Sara, Meera and others home, everything will be solved. Priya takes care of Pihu. Pihu says Ram didn’t get my flowers. Priya says I know, but I didn’t get the flowers. Pihu says Vedika said right, I can’t give him flowers ever. Priya says Vedika doesn’t like your smile, so she tells such things, universe will help us in reminding everything to your dad, flowers will reach Ram. Pihu asks promise.

Priya says promise, we should trust fate, Gannu ji and love. Pihu says fate is on our side, right. Priya says yes, finish the hot chocolate. Pihu prays. Ram comes home. Priya hides. Pihu attends Ram and says this is my house. Ram thinks what’s Lovely’s relation with this girl. Pihu thinks dad can see mum. Priya signs her. Ram says I want to meet Lovely. Pihu asks who told you the address. Ram says Adi, my best friend. She argues with Ram. Ram says I will tell your dad that he isn’t a good dad. She says he loves me a lot, he is very good, he is a superstar. He says fine, I will sit here and wait for your mum.

Adi says Ram might have reached Sood house by now. Vikrant says yes, I called Sara here. Sara comes and hears them talking about Ram and Priya. She thinks Vikrant knows Priya is Lovely. She says you sent Ram to Priya’s house, you both are idiots. Vikrant says Adi’s plan is mindblowing, Ram will hire Lovely again. Sara says you didn’t inform Priya, you think Priya roams as Lovely all day. He says sorry. Adi asks did you tell me about this plan, very bad, you didn’t tell Vikrant. Vikrant asks why didn’t you tell us. Sara says Priya asked us not to tell you. Adi asks who knows it. Sara says everyone.

Vikrant and Adi complain of partiality. Priya comes as Lovely. Ram says you have a daughter. Priya says yes, is it a crime. She argues. Ram says I didn’t say that. Pihu says I will get water. Ram says when you use glass jug, you should sit and serve the water, if the jug falls, then you can get hurt. He takes the water. Priya says its filtered. Ram asks how do you know I was going to ask this.

Ram and Priya have a moment. She acts hurt. Ram faints down recalling the past moment.

Update Credit to: Amena

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