Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya saying I m your wife, this marriage is real, why do you think I will be okay with your decisions. Ram says no, are you angry. She says yes, I m angry, because wives do that. She laughs. He asks what happened. She says so sorry, your face… you got convinced, I was acting. She asks him to go and change. He smiles and goes. Vedika asks why doesn’t Ram want Priya to know about us, I think he really believes Priya and his relation, like Priya has a right on him. Nandini says I m finding more strange that you left your house to stay with us and you are worried for Ram. She asks what’s going on in your mind. Vedika says no, Sid and Shubham’s careers would have ended today, I don’t care for Sid because of Shashi’s behavior, you know what would have happened of Shubham, I m here because Shashi thinks I was there for some other reason, Ram would have blamed Shubham. Nandini says he didn’t do this. Vedika says he told me, I know what you have in heart for Priya, my past didn’t leave me, so I m thinking about Ram and this family. Nandini thinks to test her first. She says yes, thanks for saving Shubham. She sweetly taunts Vedika and goes.

Ram sees Priya and says I was calling Tarun to dry my towel. Priya say give it to me. Tarun comes. Ram gives the towel. Tarun says I got these cards in the car. Ram says its precious, I will dry it. Priya smiles. He thinks how to dry it. She thinks he can take my help. He thinks she knows how to dry it, but she will lecture me. Neeraj asks did you reach Ram’s house. Vedika says yes, thanks, we have to tell Priya about Ram and me. He says then tell her. She says come here tomorrow by some excuse. He says Ram dislikes to see me. She says so I m calling you. Priya says you are thinking to take my help or not, right. Ram gives the coupons. She iron dries the cards. She thinks he always helps me and others, he would get helper of the year award. She says you could have used the coupon to keep Vedika there if you though I will refuse. He says no, you always helps others, you would get helper of the year award. She smiles and asks can you help me. He asks what, say again. She asks can you help me in finding Anjali. He says I was thinking the same, we will find her, I wanted to tell something. He doesn’t say. She gives him the card. He thinks I can’t tell her anything about Vedika.

Its morning, Adi talks to Sandy about work. He asks about her family. She says everything is fine. Shashi comes and asks where is Ram. Adi says he went out with Priya at night. Shashi says I thought he got late because of Vedika, she had an argument with me and went to Ram’s house. Adi asks what. Priya talks to Tarun and asks him to serve the parathas to Ram. Vedika says I have also made a dish, I thought to do something. Priya says its okay. Vedika says Priya, you are good, I wanted to say that we are similar. Ram says no, you aren’t similar. Priya asks what do you mean. Shivi gets upset seeing the paratha. Meera says it happens. Shivi says I m useless, everyone does a job, you make tasty food, I don’t do anything. Meera says your work will be to make us laugh. Akki comes. Shivi says its easy. He says a courier came for you. Shivi screams seeing Sarika. Sarika says I m your Sasuma. Shivi compliments Sarika. Akki laughs.

He checks the courier. He gets shocked seeing Anjali and his pics. He thinks who has sent these pics, who wants to spoil Shivi and my relations. Nandini asks why did you say this. Priya says I know, Vedika is good and I m rude. He says no, I was thinking we are not like you, you didn’t think before getting your dad arrested, we don’t have such courage. He asks Nandini can she get Shubham punished if he does wrong, no, right, we can’t do this, you are different. He likes the parathas. He says its tasty, my habits are changing. Priya smiles. Adi messages Ram and asks about Vedika. Ram says sorry, I have to leave for office, Shashi is there, I will solve this problem Vedika. He takes the paratha. Neeraj comes. Ram asks what are you doing here. Vedika thinks he made an entry on time. Adi says I m calling Ram. Shashi asks are you also thinking that Vedika is there. Adi says no, you are in huge debt, you had to tell this to us.

Neeraj says Maitri had sent Priya’s fav dish. Ram says Tarun could make it for you. Nandini says its fine. Ram says next time, you don’t need to come. Neeraj says have the dish and tell me, I will tell Maitri. Ram says she can tell Maitri, she doesn’t like this now. Priya says I don’t like it now, my habits are changing. Ram smiles.

Priya answers Adi’s call. Adi asks does Priya know about Vedika and you. Neeraj says show Ram that you are threatened by Shashi. Vedika argues with Shashi and hits herself. Shashi gets shocked. Priya asks Vedika did Shashi hit her. She says enough, you won’t go in that house now.

Update Credit to: Amena

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