Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 24th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Pihu wrapping the meeting. Prachi says I need to talk. Pihu says I know what you want to say, I like Mahir, I want to marry him. Prachi says I know you don’t like him. Pihu asks how do you know that. Prachi says marriage isn’t a joke, it’s a big thing, your entire life will get ruined, tell dad that you changed your mind. Pihu says no, I like Mahir. She asks why are you giving me a lecture, you agreed to marry Josh, everything is cool, you agreed for Lakhan’s sake, I did it for Ram’s sake. She hugs Prachi and says everything is good. Monica is busy in arrangements. Raghav’s mum also does work. She tells that Pawan is lazy. Monica and Mami decide the clothes for Prachi and Pihu. Sara asks did Pihu tell you why did she choose Mahir.

Raghav says no, Prachi has gone to talk to Pihu, I m waiting for her. Mami says Pihu agreed to marry Mahir, did you match their kundali. Mami says they are made for each other. Raghav says don’t worry, I will call Prachi. Monica and Mami see Sara and Brinda unhappy.

Monica says I have to tolerate them, I m getting happy thinking of Pihu and Mahir’s marriage, Pihu is eldest, Mahir will get all her property, Prachi will dance on Pihu’s fingers. Mami says you have made a good plan, you will control Ram’s trust also. Monica says yes, Josh has much money, Prachi won’t ask for her share. Raghav says Angad said he doesn’t care for Pihu. Brinda says I will see him. She goes to talk to Angad. Raghav asks Prachi to go and get ready for dinner. Prachi says no, I can’t go tonight. Raghav says we can find a solution for Pihu’s matter while talking to Josh, get ready and come. She goes. He worries. He leaves an audio for Josh.

Prachi and Josh meet for dinner. Josh recalls Raghav’s words. Josh pacifies Prachi. He says I think Pihu is threatened by Mahir. She recalls Pihu’s words. She says I will just call for the check. Josh says let me pay please. She says you paid last time, this time its my turn, I believe in equality. He says you are unpredictable. Prachi recalls Pihu’s words. She says I have to call Raghav. She goes. He thinks what’s their connection, I have to break their bond. Pihu asks Angad was anyone dying. Angad asks why are you not happy. Brinda sees them arguing. Angad says everyone is working for your office, you are hiding from us at the office. She says I have much work. Brinda thinks Angad will make her speak up the reason.

Angad asks did you plan the marriage, I will arrange a grand wedding, give me time, tell me everything right now, and don’t expect a gift. Pihu says I don’t understand it, you want to plan my wedding. He says I will get free of guarding you, Mahir will play my role and protect you, see, he is working hard, he will come and take you forever, congrats. Pihu cries and leaves. Brinda thinks why is Angad behaving so strange, I have to find out.

Mama shows the bond. Vikrant asks will Lakhan become the guarantor of Josh’s loan. Adi says no, its wrong. They all discuss. Mama says Sid made the papers ready, read the papers once. Lakhan says fine, I will think about it. Adi asks are you considering this. Lakhan asks Raghav to go. He says Mama ji said right, Josh and Prachi’s relation will be strong. Prachi says Raghav, come soon, Josh has cracked it, Mahir has threatened Pihu. He asks her to breathe. She says I m finding Vansh’s smartphone. He asks who is he. She says we met him at the club, we got late, I went there to pick Pihu, that guy was misbehaving with her, he as recording everything, I had attacked him.

Raghav asks what happened then. Prachi recalls. Pihu says we will keep this secret, this video is a proof, you did this in self defence. She asks Varun not to complaint against her sister, else she will make the video go viral, you will get jailed. They leave. Raghav says I didn’t expect this from you, we are best friends, this isn’t fair. She says we wanted to erase this memory, we didn’t want it to drag, I feel someone is blackmailing Pihu.

Prachi says Mahir is blackmailing Pihu with that video. Raghav says we will stop their marriage. She thanks him and hugs him. Raghav asks Mahir are you blackmailing Pihu.

Update Credit to: Amena

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