Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 26th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya thinking I promise, I won’t let Neeraj create troubles for us, I will come to you for every problem, I have to get Neeraj a job somewhere and shut up his mouth. She lies to sleep. Its morning, Priya gets the books parcel. Adi comes. She asks why did you leak the papers. Adi says I can’t tell you, but my intention wasn’t wrong, I regard Ram as my brother. She says I know you can never hurt Ram intentionally. He says yes, you don’t tell this to Ram. She says I know those who Ram loves, he loves them a lot, don’t break his trust. He says never, I swear, tell me if you need anything, its my duty to help you. She says thanks. He goes. Twinkle comes. She says I can’t manage this, I called everyone, Neeraj won’t get any job, shall I call Vikrant. Priya says no, I don’t want to involve Ram and his friends. Twinkle asks why are you doing this, is he threatening you. Priya says no, I don’t want him to trouble Ram and Maitri, we will leave now. Adi hears their talks. He says Neeraj.

Priya meets Sara at the cafe. She says Neeraj always troubles us. Sara says I just remember the good things. They talk about Ram. Ram comes there to buy cupcakes. He pays the money to Sara. He says we must support small businesses. Sara says I can’t take it, please. He says I m going home, I will take Priya with me. Sara says yes, Priya, go with him, save the fuel, please go, Priya has some problem, she wants to talk to you. Priya says nothing. Ram says you promised me that you will tell me everything. Ram jokes on Sara’s name Sarangi. He says Meera is very sweet. Priya says don’t show rights on others’ mums. Sara says yes, dad named me Sarangi. Ram says I won, I was right. Sara says you name your kids. Ram says yes. Priya asks do we have kids. Ram says we will have kids. He jokes and laughs. He gets Nandini’s call. Nandini asks where is Priya. He says she is with me. She says Neeraj came here to talk to you both, he is saying that Priya knows about him. Priya thinks what to do now, Adi will get trapped. Ram says we are coming.

Ram and Priya leave. Neeraj says you told me that you will help me. Nandini says I did that to protect my family. He says I lost my job, I have to worry for myself and my job, Ram filed the complaint against me, I didn’t get any job, let Priya come and talk. She asks why are you dragging her into this. He says she thinks they will do the acting of the best couple, and I will believe it, no, they faked it to cover the annulment news. Priya and Ram come. She asks Neeraj to come with her. Ram says my account manager with my mom, didn’t your manager tell you. Neeraj gets his manager’s call. He thanks him. Ram says we are one family now, even Neeraj, if someone does a mistake, then it doesn’t mean we do wrong with him, I forgive you Neeraj, this new role is a gift from my side. Priya thinks he returned his job. Ram asks why don’t you take your wife out for dinner tonight, work will increase from tomorrow. Neeraj says of course. Ram says don’t go to Priya next time, come to me straight. Neeraj says sure. He goes.

Ram says don’t thank me now, its okay. He says mom, I need a break from this stress, forget this Neeraj for my sake. Nandini says as you say. Ram thinks I surprised Priya again, she would be thinking how I know this, some day Priya will trust me, then that day she will come to me for help. Priya thinks you always help me, I wish there is some day when I don’t need your help. Nandini and Neetu sit to have food. Neetu says no drama happened when Neeraj came here, did Priya do a magic on him. Ram comes and hears them. Nandini sees him and starts acting. She says Priya is so innocent and simple, her dad didn’t accept her, then Neeraj left her, you know Ram has sympathy for everyone, if anyone thinks its his love, then its not Priya’s mistake, Ram just loves Vedika, I don’t want anyone’s heart to break, this marriage will get annulled. Ram goes. Nandini smiles.

Sandy comes to the cafe. She says no work today, please Sara ji. Adi and Vikrant are at the cafe. Brinda says we came to spoil your sunday, sit here, you can do our work. Adi says make a cute video, cute couple goals. Sandy asks for whom. Adi says Raya. Brinda says Ram and Priya, their video should get maximum likes. Sandy says I will do it, done.

Priya asks Tarun about the menu. He says I will make veg biryani for Ram. Ram comes. Priya says I will make mutton biryani for Ram. Ram asks why. He asks Tarun to leave. Tarun leaves. Ram thinks if I say anything more, then she will get angry on me. He laughs. She thinks he is strange, what is so funny. He thinks she is typing like this, poor keyboard. He laughs again. Water falls over his laptop. She says you spilled the water. He says its fine, new one will come. Sandy says I have sent the video, they won’t know about it. Adi says send this to Ram also. Sandy says sent. Vikrant says make one video for my GF also. Sara taunts him. He says I was joking. Brinda says Ram and Priya would have checked the inbox. Ram says Adi will fix this. Priya says let Adi rest on a sunday, he has a personal life, you use my laptop. He says you also have a personal life. She says okay, you won. He sees the mail. He sees Priya and his video. Dehleez pe….plays….

Ram thinks its our marriage video, did mom say right. He shuts the laptop. He says I have sent the mail, internet was fast. He thinks video got deleted, she will scold me now. He goes to washroom. Priya wipes his laptop. She sees the same video playing. She thinks why was he seeing our marriage video.

Brinda teases Ram about Priya. Ram sees Priya laughing. He thinks does she have feelings for me. Ram and Priya go shopping. She says you should buy what you like. They have a moment when she stitches his shirt button.

Update Credit to: Amena

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