Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 27th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Vedika asking Neeraj to pay the money to Sara. She says Sara is calling many times. Priya says NGO kids need the money, so she called. Neeraj says sorry, I can’t do this. Ram says maybe he isn’t at this position, I will talk to seniors. Neeraj says I have the authority, your Shashi’s bank accounts are seized. Vedika asks what do you mean. Ram says Tarun, get my cheque book. Tarun says you took it to office yesterday. Vedika says its okay Ram, I will manage.

Shashi says my wife has already troubled me, you don’t start. Adi says I m not your wife or friend, you should have told us. Ram calls Adi and says give a cheque for Sara, make it now, Priya wil give account details. Vedika smiles. Priya gives the details. Vedika acts and says this is unbelievable, Shashi got me embarrassed. She cries and goes. Neeraj says I will go. Nandini says you did good by helping Vedika. Ram says I did this for those kids, they need money, Priya would have got stuck. Adi says Shashi, Ram knows about your accounts, its time, you tell the truth to him. He goes. Shashi says time is not with me, Ram will not leave me, I m not his family, Vedika left me and went to Ram. Sandy comes and says sorry. She goes. Shashi calls Sid. Adi calls Ram. He asks what is Vedika doing in your house, does Priya know about her. Priya says Adi… what are you saying. Adi worries. She asks is Ram hiding something, tell me, you can trust me. Adi says its Ram’s birthday, he is shy, he doesn’t like anyone to put efforts, don’t tell Ram, else he will get angry. Ram says I will sort out this matter, Vedika. She thinks no, I don’t want to go home.

Nandini asks Priya, did you know about Vedika and Shashi’s financial problems, did Ram know. Priya says no, he was shocked, Ram’s birthday is next month. Nandini says no, Adi told so. Nandini says you want to plan Ram’s birthday, how sweet, I didn’t know you both came close. Priya says no. Nandini says you both are so different, maybe I was wrong, you have a right, we don’t do anything, Ram doesn’t want to celebrate his birthday. Priya says okay, as you say. Nandini thinks what is Vedika doing, she has to do something big.

Neeraj says you said Ram loves you. Vedika says yes. He says I didn’t see that. She says you don’t need to say, Ram said he will do everything for my happiness. He says go and tell Ram that you aren’t happy. She says Shashi is my husband. He says you have to make Ram believe that you aren’t happy in this marriage. She says how, Ram went to convince Shashi. He says we have to do something, we are one team now, don’t tell anything to Ram, talk to Priya, become a helpless mum, make her believe that you have a threat from Shashi. She asks how. He tells the plan.

Vedika and Priya are on the way and talk. Vedika thinks you have to know that Ram is mine. Ram asks how did you get such losses. Shashi says for Vedika, I kept her happy, we all pampered her, her dad passed away, I got all the responsibility on me, you can understand this, Ram. Adi says its clear, you did the deal with wrong people. Ram says you should have talked to me. Shashi asks by what right would I come to you. Ram says as a friend, what’s happening between Vedika and you. Shashi says you know it why. Adi goes. Ram says I want to sort this out, tell me, how can I help. Vedika says Priya, we don’t know each other, was it easy for you all when your dad left your mom. Priya says I don’t want to talk, Shashi will accept you, your love is true. Vedika says how shall I trust, many people love and leave us, you are strong, when Neeraj left you, you had managed yourself. Priya says I want to go for my classes. Vedika stops her. Shashi says you and Vedika care for each other. Ram says you know, she chose you and I respected her decision. Shashi says you just loved her. Ram says I don’t want her to leave you. Shashi says maybe Vedika wants this. Vedika says come with me, I don’t want to meet him alone. Priya says Ram is there. Vedika says Shashi is possessive about me, he doesn’t like me talking to anyone, especially…. he loves me, but angrily… Priya asks what, will he do anything wrong. Vedika says no, you can come along. Priya says okay, come. Ram says you know Vedika. Shashi says no, I don’t know what she wants, Sid is in depression, Vedika isn’t happy with me, I lost my business and happiness. Ram says I don’t want to come between Vedika and you, its my promise. Priya says we should wait here. Shashi says you are doing this for your love for Vedika. Vedika opens the door and says sorry, what were you saying. Ram says we… Priya comes. Ram says you and Shashi talk, we will wait outside. He goes with Priya.

Priya asks what did Shashi say. Ram says Shashi is hyper, but he really loves Vedika. She says I m sure everything will get fine. He thinks shall I tell her about Vedika.

Vedika hurts herself and blames Shashi. Priya supports Vedika. She says Ram will support me. Ram worries for Priya.

Update Credit to: Amena

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