Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 28th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Mahir saying I gave my phone to Kapil, I didn’t know he will send cheap messages from my phone by my name, its disgusting. Angad thinks he is blaming Kapil. Mahir says thanks Raghav for saving me, you showed me this chat, what would Pihu think of me, she would have broken relation with me. Kapil comes and greets. He asks Mahir did you call me. Mahir scolds him.

Kapil says I didn’t do anything. Lakhan scolds him and warns him to not do this again. He says sorry its happening here, Avni, come, I will drop you, Adi and I are going to office, your house is on the way. Kapil gets sad and leaves. Mahir hugs Raghav and says you thought you will expose me. He says Pihu, I m loyal to you, trust me. She thinks he is wrong, its clear. She says I know, I trust you. Mahir goes.

Prachi, Raghav and Angad talk that Mahir has got saved. Prachi says Pihu is doing this to save me, I think I should go to police station and get myself arrested. Raghav says don’t worry, we are with you, I will see Mahir. Josh and Prachi go to buy engagement rings. The man shows a diamond ring worth 2 crores. Josh says show something better. The man shows the next ring worth 3 crores.

Prachi thinks it’s a costly ring, engagement ring is a symbol of love, not status symbol. She doesn’t like it. He asks what happened, are you tensed about Pihu, you couldn’t expose Mahir. He says we have to threaten him and make him admit everything. Prachi says Raghav and I tried everything, Mahir gets saved always. Josh says I can make Mahir admit the truth. She says I want Pihu to get free from Mahir. He says sure, we will discuss that, we will decide an engagement ring first.

She chooses a simple ring. He says we should choose better rings. She says diamond size don’t symbolize our relation, we do, I don’t like to spend money. He says turn that side, this jacket is worth 20000 pound, I bought this from London, I m Sid’s son, I love my life, my parents have earned for me. She says I know, we are fortunate to be born in rich families, we have no input in it, it’s a blessing,

we will take this simple ring, please. He says I m so glad that I m learning this from you. She says its called marriage, when two people help each other grow. She thinks I m lucky, Josh likes me as I m. He asks are you happy now. She says yes, tell me the plan. He says I will tell you tomorrow.

Josh and Prachi come to help Mahir. They fool Mahir. Mahir worries and thinks if Monica does this with me then. Mama also tries to wear the coat. Mami helps him. He says I will get my hair back. Mami jokes and says you are bald, and will always be bald. He says you always say negative things, I have taken 5 lakhs from office funds and got the hairoil from Italy, its in Mahir’s room. He goes.

Prachi says that guy got jailed for 14 years. Mahir says thanks for opening my eyes, there is a problem. Prachi and Josh ask what. Mahir says I have… Mama ji comes and asks for hairoil. Mahir goes to get it. Mama ji asks are you okay, listen. Mahir gives the hairoil. Mama ji asks what happened, why are you tensed, its your engagement today, come to me if there is anything, smile. He goes.

Josh asks what were you saying. Mahir thinks I got saved, else they would have put me in jail. He laughs and says I will wear something comfortable. Prachi sees Josh’s jacket. She says it’s the same branded jacket which Josh has. She asks Josh about the jacket. Josh says he is smart. She shows him the jacket. Josh says its branded, how did he get it. She asks how can he afford this. He asks is he stealing money from office. She says I will go and tell Raghav, he will find out. Josh says its so irritating. Raghav comes to Pihu.

He says I m not happy with your decision. She says I m happy. He says I got something for you, Lakhan has sent this for you. She gets Priya’s bangles. He says its Priya’s bangles. She says its lovely, it’s a symbol of Ram and Priya’s true love. He says I will give this to Prachi, she will fall in love with Josh, you don’t deserve this, you don’t love Mahir. She says I know Mahir since childhood. He says you know he is cheap, why do you want to marry him. He thinks how to make her say the truth, I m scared that Prachi might take a wrong step to save Pihu.

Raghav warns Mahir. Mahir and Pihu are getting engaged.

Update Credit to: Amena

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