Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 29th June 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nandini saying the minister will get convinced, he won’t be insecure, Ram’s reputation will get cleared. Vedika says 800 crores are at stake, maybe the minister thinks of harming your family. Brinda thinks Ram will never agree. Ram thinks of Priya and Krish. He says I m ready, if this is the only option, then lets do it. Nandini asks are you sure, we can’t step back.

Ram nods. She says great. Vedika says great then, we will go for dinner at the café, Kanika is coming there with her husband, propose me in front of them. Nandini says simple, we have to do this, right. Ram says I got it, Vedika be ready by 9. Nandini thanks Ram. Brinda says congrats Ram. Ram asks Adi for the deal papers. Nandini and Vedika leave. Brinda asks what’s wrong with you.

Ram says Pihu met me twice. Adi says she is a little kid. Ram says she is Priya and Krish’s daughter, I didn’t wish this to happen, I will marry Vedika. Vikrant thinks sorry Ram, I wish I could tell you that Pihu is your daughter. Ram goes. Brinda says we won’t let this marriage happen. Sandy says I will lose my job, don’t laugh, I won’t let you do this. Ishaan says calm down, you can do this, give me that video, I will make it viral, Raya will be together again.

Ishaan says Pihu will get her dad. Adi asks what do you mean. Sandy says if we show Ram and Priya are together, then Pihu will be his daughter. Adi asks Ram and Priya as a couple. Brinda and Vikrant ask what. Sandy says Ishaan told this, I know it’s a bad idea. Ishaan says if we make the interview video go viral, then they can consider getting back. Sandy says please stop it, it’s a bad idea.

Vikrant says its better than Nandini’s plan. Ishaan says Vedika isn’t right for Ram. Vikrant says Ram saw Krish and Pihu. Sandy asks did he say yes. Vikrant talks to Sara and says Ishaan gave an idea to stop Ram and Vedika’s marriage. Sara asks what, Ram and Vedika’s marriage. Priya hears this and gets shocked. Vikrant says Ram said yes, so we came to the bakery to talk to Priya, Ishaan gave an idea, just come here quickly. Sara says okay. She turns and sees Priya. She says Vikrant..

Priya says I heard the good news. Krish and Pihu come. Pihu asks the good news. Sara sends her to the room. Krish says I have to tell you something. Priya says give us a treat, Pihu and I are going tomorrow, so take us for dinner, we like Chinese food. He says I also like it, what are we celebrating. She says my farewell, and Ram and Vedika are getting married. He asks are you okay. She says yes, want to celebrate, where will you take me. He says we can go and have Chinese. Priya says I m completely fine, Pihu and I will get fine.


Sara comes to the bakery. She asks why did Ram decide this. He says he saw Pihu with Krish. She says so he thought Priya told him about the child and its true. She thinks Krish should tell Priya that Ram saw them. Krish thinks shall I tell Priya, why can’t she move on in life when Ram can move on. He says I m ready. Priya asks him to come. He thinks to tell his feelings, maybe he becomes her new life partner.

Adi asks them to come fast, Ram and Vedika are going to the café. Sara says Krish is taking Priya there. Vikrant says minister is also coming there. She asks how did you know. Adi says Ram is going to propose Vedika there. Vedika and Ram are at the café. She says I spoke to Kanika, she talked to the minister. Ram says minister knows that she is interested in me. She says he loves her a lot, lets leave it to her, focus on proposing me, he can’t defame you, it’s a new start for me. Krish says I will also come with you this time, Pihu. She takes them to the café.

Vedika shows the ring to Ram. Ram thinks of Priya. Pihu asks Priya not to become rude like Mr. Khadoos, even Krish met him today. Priya asks who is he. Ram says I think its wrong. Vedika says you were forced to marry before also. Ram says that was different, I didn’t have anger and hatred in me. She says I m not expecting anything from you, you did a lot for me, let me do something, Kanika messaged, they are reaching in 5mins. Priya asks who is he, tell me.

Pihu says we met him in Sara’s engagement also. She drops the rose and goes to pick it. She says Mr. Khadoos. Ram says you here. Priya comes and sees Ram. Bade acchhe…plays… Vedika gets Kanika’s message. Ram taunts Pihu on manners. She says Priya and Krish failed in teaching manners to their kid. Pihu asks Priya to scold Ram. Pihu and Ram argue. She asks when will you move on, moving on is life. Ram says Priya is an expert in moving on and forgetting people.

Adi says your and Priya’s interview got superhit on social media. Ram says we are separated, Pihu isn’t my kid. Krish asks Ram to delete that video, else he will get the police.

Update Credit to: Amena

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