Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 2nd June 2022 Written Episode Update

Nandini is sitting in her room and thinking about Shivi and all the events. Nandini cries. Ram comes with food. Ram feels hurt seeing Nandini cry. Ram sits with her and says you should eat. Nandini says I have lost my child, you won’t be able to understand, I won’t be able to forget. Nandini says I think if we wouldn’t have listened to Shivi and made her marry Akki then she might be alive. Nandini says why is it happening with me? First I lost my husband then Shivi. Shubham also comes and he remembers how it was his plan to bring Shivi home. Shubham also sits. Ram thinks why you did this Priya? Why did you break my trust? I shouldn’t think about Priya, I have to think about my family. Ram says please eat for Shubham.

Shubham also requests her to eat. Ram’s phone rings and Nandini asks him to pick up the call. Adi calls Ram and asks him to come. Ram says I am with mom and that’s my priority. Shubham says I am with mom, you go. Ram thinks, I know nothing is right. Ram keeps his phone and goes. Shubham starts crying and says it was my fault I made Shivi lie about Soods torturing them, now Shivi died, I will kill them all, it’s all my fault. Nandini tries to calm him. Mama comes and says to Shubham that his voice is going out. Nandini says I have already lost my one child, I can’t loose you and you will never speak of this again, I am living for you now on, Priya killed Shivi. Shubham says yes Priya killed her.

Here, Meera is not allowed to meet Priya even after getting the permission. Krish says Priya said she doesn’t want to meet you. Meera starts crying. Priya thinks how because of Meera protecting Mahender, destroyed everything. Meera thinks how because of her, she ruined Priya’s life and Akki’s life, Shivi died, I was just protecting Ishan but everything got lost, I should be punished, I will confess my crime and that ways Ram and Priya can unite. Krish says you will not do anything like this, what if Ram himself comes and takes Priya as god has blessed Priya and she is pregnant. Meera gets happy and rushes to meet Priya. Priya is eating when the lady constable says you being pregnant how can you not feel what your mom might be going through, why are you not meeting her? What if your child does the same thing? Priya says if I do what my mom did with me, then I will not want my child to meet me.

Adi informs Ram that he is following up the case and he got to know that Priya fainted in jail. Ram worries and says how can they not call me? What happened? Vikrant says I feel you should go and meet her. Ram says but what will I tell Nandini and Shubham. Brinda says I only pushed you towards Priya and If I knew this would have been the result I wouldn’t have done this, you are right Ram, you shouldn’t go to meet Priya in jail, a part of you loves Priya, so I will go to jail and meet Priya for you. Adi says personally I feel you should go, but with the condition in which Nandini is, Brinda should go. Ram says okay.

Here, Krish informs Priya about getting permission of one call. Priya calls Ram. Nandini receives it and hears Priya. Priya says I am pregnant, this time you are really going to become dad. Priya asks if you heard it. Nandini is shocked and cuts the call. Krish asks what happened? Priya says I think there was a network issue. Police says you only had one chance. Krish says I will try to get permission for another call. Mama and Shubham say how Ram and Priya might get united because of this child. Nandini says i will do anything to keep them apart, Priya can’t come back. Nandini calls someone and asks them to fast forward the case and it’s Ram’s orders and never tell Ram about the will. Nandini says by losing my child, Ram and Priya can’t enjoy parenthood, I will not let this happen.

The woman constable makes Priya wait and goes to get a visitor. Priya thinks it’s Ram. Brinda comes and says Ram has sent me and he won’t come, he knows you fainted. Priya says did he sent you? Brinda says yes, he always trusted you but how could you break his trust? Priya stands shocked.

Episode ends.

Precap: Show has taken a leap, where Ram hates rain and Priya with her daughter enjoys it.

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