Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram saying I mean we should keep the marriage always, your experience validates this, but you should have not stopped Vedika, Shashi and Vedika should solve their issues. Priya says you mean I don’t know the meaning of marriage. Ram says your understanding is different because you didn’t see any successful marriage, whatever happened with Meera. She argues. He says I mean we have other ways to solve such fights, now everyone knows about Vedika. She says you don’t know why I stopped Vedika. He says I want to know, that’s what I m asking you.

He says don’t get emotional, we will meet on lunch and talk. She says no need, I m not hungry. She disconnects the call. She thinks a woman is always blamed if a family breaks, I m getting punished like Meera now, she was always wrong in front of society. Shashi comes to meet Vedika. He says Ram has paid our loan, its sorted, come home. She says if Ram did charity for you, it doesn’t mean that you get equal to him, this marriage is over for us, leave. He gets shocked. Priya is on the way. She says I will talk to Vedika, she has to decide what she will do. Shashi says come with me right now. Vedika says stop the drama. He says you did a good drama, Ram made the NGO payment, stop now. She shouts will you beat me. She hits a vase on her head. He gets shocked and asks what’s this drama. She says leave me, do you want to kill me. She pushes him. She says Shashi, if Ram knows that you did this with me, then he will never forgive you. He says you want to prove that I beat you. She says I will die, but not go back with you, I did this mistake once, I will stay with Ram now, he still loves me a lot, if Ram knows that you did this with me, then what will happen of you, he will never forgive you, he will accept me forever, then I will be with him. He says stop the drama, come. She says you leave, else I will hurt myself more. Priya comes home. Shashi says stop this nonsense, come with me. Priya shouts Vedika, what’s happening. Shashi asks Priya to see Vedika’s drama. Vedika says Priya doesn’t like me, but she is a woman first, she will help me. Priya asks how did you get hurt. He says I didn’t hit her. She scolds her.

He says I swear, she had hurt herself, she is doing a drama. She says you are lying. Vedika says its okay, its my problem, if Ram knows, just leave it. He asks what’s this joke. Priya says you will know when you go to jail. He says she won’t file a complaint against me. Priya says I m going to tell the truth to Ram, you need help. Vedika thinks then help me, tell Ram that I m in problem, go and tell Ram, he will never send me to Shashi’s house. Priya calls the doctor. Vedika thinks I want Ram to know this from you.

Akki thinks this chapter isn’t ending, who is trying to create misunderstandings between Shivi and me. He calls Ram. He says I don’t want to do anything against that girl, if Shivi knows this, then she will be hurt, just for my sake, forget this. Ram says your career would have got affected. Akki thinks I have to stop this news from reaching Shivi. He says please don’t take this matter ahead. Ram says fine, if this matter gets worse, then… okay you can tell me if anything happens. Akki says no, I don’t want Shivi to get hurt. Ram says okay, as you wish, take care. Akki thanks him. He ends call.

Akki replies to the blackmailer that he got the case shut and also sent the money, now return the pics. He gets a reply. Vedika is the sender. She says Priya doesn’t like me, she hates me, but she is innocent, I won’t step back, my husband has nothing, I want to come to Ram now, Priya has to get aside, I won’t let Ram forget me. Priya comes to Vedika and gets a bowl of soup.

She says you are Ram’s special friend, so you are special for us. Vedika says forgive me, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I know its not easy to fool you, Ram is protective for you. Brinda comes and taunts Vedika. Priya says I told Brinda about you. Brinda says you did right, Vedika we were besties, our friendship broke, didn’t Vedika tell why. Priya says its okay. Vedika says you should know. Brinda says yes, you should know everything, Vedika cheated in friendship. Priya asks them to talk. She goes. Sid says we will go out for the party tonight and have drinks. Adi comes and says you both have an imp meeting tonight. Shubham says I will message Ram that we are leaving. Brinda and Vedika argue. Brinda says if Shashi has raised hand on you, then Priya will help you, but don’t forget that Priya is Ram’s wife.

Priya asks Akki about Ram. She goes to meet Ram at the hotel. The manager says we sealed that corridor, he is not well, he is exposed to the virus. She faints down.

Update Credit to: Amena

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