Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 30th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya asking are you embarrassed by my simple clothes. Ram says no, you look good. A girl sees them and says you are Raya right. Ram says yes, Ram and Priya. The girl takes a selfie with them and says I will tag you. Priya says I m not on social media. The girl says I will tag Sir. Shashi comes there and thinks I hope Vedika comes. Vedika gets his sorry card and says I will come. Sandy and Sara show the pic to Meera and praise Ram and Priya’s jodi. Meera says they are number one. Sara calls Brinda and says our plan worked, I will inform you. She says we never thought there will be so many twists and turns in Priya’s life. Meera says Ram is good-hearted, he is the best for Priya, they will understand each other soon, its Priya’s first diwali, we should do something, what does Ram like. Shivi says Ram celebrates Christmas on Diwali, he becomes Santa and gets gifts for everyone. Sara says he always gets gifts for everyone. Shivi says its my first diwali, I want to decorate the house, I will go and buy gifts, I will ask designer to get clothes for us. Sarika says my son doesn’t have much money. Meera says we are ordinary people, we will celebrate diwali well. Shivi says okay, I will help you in work. Sara says I keep a diwali exhibition at my cafe, will you help me, we give space to small vendors. Shivi says that’s cool, I will promote it on social media. Sara shows last year pics. Meera asks Sarika not to taunt Shivi always. Ram asks Priya to look around, Shivi and mom would have bought a lot, will you try this saree. Priya says we will see something for you.

Priya thinks Ram likes costly things, even Shivi will like it, is it fair with her, can Akki afford all this for her. Ram goes to try a shirt. Priya messages Akki and asks him to buy something good for Shivi. She sees the saree price tag. The staff comments on her. She thinks I don’t have money to waste here. Sara calls and asks what is Ram buying for you. Priya asks how do you know, just Brinda and Adi know this. Sara says your pic is on social media. Priya says its because of Meera, I hate shopping at such expensive places. Sara says you have to take anything Ram buys for you. Priya says I can’t refuse to him, don’t tease me, Ram doesn’t like me. She ends call.

Vedika meets Neeraj. She asks him to forget everything. He says I was at loss. She asks him to find out about Shashi’s bank loan details. He says I won’t help you, why shall I help, what will I get in return. She says a chance to break Priya’s marriage. He asks how did she come between, I left her. She says I left Ram, he loved me a lot, but I married Shashi, you have no problem with Priya’s marriage with Ram Kapoor. He says fine, give me time to think. She says sure, I will be waiting. She gets Shashi’s call and says I m at the mall. She says enough Shashi, you think you will ill treat me, I want all my answers. Priya says saree priced 2.5 lakhs, I can’t take this, what shall I do. She recalls Ram. She thinks says Ram did a lot for Meera and my family, its a matter of one day. Vedika likes the same saree. Priya thinks I will try once, its okay. The lady says sorry, this saree is very expensive, see something else. She gets Ram’s message and goes. Vedika likes the saree. Shashi asks the price. The lady says 2.5 lakhs.

Vedika says I will go and try. Ram breaks the shirt button. He says stop thinking about Priya, she is rude, she has no feeling for me. Priya comes and asks did you like. Ram says no, I m buying it, the button broke, I have to buy it now. She says no, you should take what you like, stop, I m saving your 4 lakhs, you work late at night, not for this, I will stitch the button. He says you don’t have a needle and thread. She says I have everything that’s needed for emergencies, just stand quiet, you should save money, much can come in 4 lakhs. She stitches the button. Ram looks at her. Yeh moh moh ke dhaage….plays…. He gets pricked. She says sorry. She says you can return this now. He asks did you try that saree. She asks do you like it, I will try. She goes. He says she will try it because I like it, Adi, Brinda… He calls Adi. Adi asks how is the shopping going on. Ram says she is trying the expensive saree for my sake. Brinda says you praise her. He says she is behaving good with me, I can’t give her false hope. She says just praise her as you feel. Adi says compliment her, do what Brinda is saying. Ram goes out. He says this saree suits you a lot, you look beautiful. Vedika turns. He gets shocked.

Priya says Ram burnt the contract. Shubham says we should trap Akki, then Priya will leave Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena


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