Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 31st December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Brinda arguing with Vedika. She asks Vedika not to threaten her. She goes. Vedika says I didn’t come between Ram and Priya, she came between us, he loves me, I will accept Ram back, I m not scared. Shashi asks did the work happen. Mahender says yes, I went to the hotel and spiked the juice for Ram. Ram takes the juice drink. Mahender says I did this on your saying, its not about money, but life. Shashi says you have him a sleeping pill, not poison. Mahender says I had killed Ram’s dad in the accident last time, Ram is my son in law, don’t make me do anything. Shashi says your family hates you. Mahender says I don’t want to do wrong with Ram. Shashi says I want Ram to stay away for some time. Mahender says he won’t get conscious till morning. Shashi pays him. Mahender says you said you don’t have much. Shashi says I keep it for charity.

Priya is at home. She calls Akki. He answers. She asks did you talk to Ram. He says no, who told you. She asks is he there. He says no, why. She says he sometimes comes to meet Meera. He says he isn’t here. She calls Adi and asks is Ram there. He says no, he went for a meeting. She thinks Ram tells about every fight. Adi say I also felt strange when he said we shouldn’t find Anjali, sorry, I didn’t know that you don’t know. She says you will support him, right, you keep your name Laxman, thanks, sorry I had called you. Adi says I m an idiot. Kunal comes and says Sid and Shubham aren’t in office. Adi asks what. Shubham comes home. She asks did you talk to Ram. He says no. She says its okay. She thinks no one knows about Ram. She asks when did you talk to him last. He says around lunch time. She says okay, I will talk to him.

She says he is hiding like a kid. Vikrant says its strange if Vedika stays in Ram’s house. Brinda says its Vedika’s game. He says Ram didn’t feel bad when Vedika left him. She says for money, we have to stop Vedika from hurting Ram. He says Vedika deserves this to happen with her. She says I won’t support domestic violence, its a big crime, she is doing the same thing with Ram which she did with Shashi, we have to stop her.

Priya is on the way. Priya says you are showing this maturity when we had a fight. She sends the audio message to him. She says you asked me to take your help, I didn’t take help, I didn’t like to depend on anyone. She comes to the hotel. She asks Ram’s room number. The manager says he is unwell, you can’t go there. She runs to the floor. The man says we have sealed the floor, guest is exposed to virus, no one can go there. She says Ram is there, is he exposed to virus. She worries for Ram. She faints down. Doctor checks her. She gets conscious. He says your bp dropped. She asks where is Ram. He asks her to take rest. She says Ram takes many medicines, he takes BP medicines also, can I meet him. He says nobody can meet him. Brinda and Vikrant come and ask where is Ram. Priya says let me go. Doctor says he is transmitted with a virus, you can also get affected, we will get the reports in 48 hours, its good for him and you all. She says I can also go there, right, wearing ppe kit, he doesn’t take care of him, let me go. He says we are there to take care. The man says Ram wants to talk to you on video call. Priya says make his friends talk. Brinda takes the call. He asks didn’t anyone else come, Adi, Kunal… Priya. Brinda shows Priya.

Priya talks to the nurse. Brinda asks Priya to talk to Ram. Priya asks Ram to forget whatever happened. He jokes. She asks how did you get this virus. He says I went to meet the client, its good you didn’t come to meet me, you got saved. She says it would be good, I would have stayed with you. He says if you were here, then time would have passed. She says just do what the doctor tells. Brinda and Vikrant laugh. Priya says get well soon. Ram asks can I call you if I get bored. She says of course. He says thanks. Kunal says this jodi is superhit, Vedika can’t do anything. Brinda says Ram should come back, then we will make Vedika out of the house. Sid and Shubham get ready to leave. Adi and Kunal come.

Adi asks them to attend the meeting. Shubham says Ram would have gone there. Adi says clients left in anger. Shubham asks didn’t Ram attend the meeting, its my business. Adi says Ram had convinced the clients personally. Shubham asks where is Ram. Priya comes and says Ram is quarantined in the hotel, he is infected by the virus. Shubham says its all excuses, I m not Tarun to roam after him. She argues. Adi asks what happened to Ram. She says he is fine. Sid says I was going to ask, how is Ram. She says call the client. Kunal says no need, they are angry. She says call once, I will talk. She talks to the client. She says you can come and meet us now, we are sorry, we are waiting for you. Shubham asks why will you come. She says its my right, I know my responsibility also.

Vedika says play this audio message in the meeting. Adi and Sara hear Ram’s love confession for Vedika. Priya comes.

Update Credit to: Amena

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