Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 5th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Sara and Priya talking about Vedika. Sara says I don’t like Vedika staying in your house, she can stay in a hotel. Priya says its fine, Ram won’t let his friend stay in a hotel. Sara gets thinking. She says Ram is helpful. Priya says yes, he helped Neeraj also. Sara says Ram knows about Neeraj and you, do you know about Ram’s past, you and Ram are friends now. Priya says Ram tried to tell me, but I refused, why to scratch his wounds, I know he has much pain in him. Sara thinks Priya is right, it will be good that she learns this from Ram, no one can tell her about this. Priya asks why are you asking about Ram, what happened. Sara says nothing. Priya says I got upset, I went to hotel to talk to him, I will ask him when he gets fine. Sara says we will have Sandy to spy on us. Sandy comes. Sara asks her to get info about Anjali. Priya says you are right, we used to solve our problems ourselves. Sara thinks Priya, you and Ram look good together.

She says we will find something. Sandy says she isn’t much socially active, but chill, I m finding. Sara asks Priya about Ram’s birthday. Priya says he isn’t well, what shall I plan. Sandy says Anjali deleted her social account, we can report to police. Priya says we can take help from a journalist, maybe we get some news. Sandy says Rajni took your interview, we will take her help. Sara says nice idea, what about Ram’s birthday. Priya says I will throw a big party for Ram when he gets fine. Sara says you deserve a hug for this.

Vedika comes to meet Ram. She says I want Priya to see me here. Priya comes there with the tiffin. The staff gets Ram’s clothes. Vedika says I want Ram, not his virus. Priya takes the clothes packet. She says I got the food for him. The lady says I will send someone. Brinda sees Vedika and gets angry on her. She asks where did your worry go now. Vedika says I m worried, I m not a fool, I learnt this from Ram, you always had a problem with me, you can’t do anything, could you stop Ram from loving me, Ram does what he wants. Brinda says right, he wants to settle down with Priya, he wants to move on, don’t try to get in between.

Priya sends an audio message for Ram. He asks can we have lunch together, I spoke to Sara, she said she will make all arrangements. She replies okay. She calls Sara and says I got to know your plans. Brinda says don’t forget Vedika that we are here, you can’t hurt Ram and Priya. Vedika asks how long will you keep Priya at her mum’s place. Brinda asks do you have some shame, you left Ram for Shashi, because Shashi had more money, you are a gold digger. Vedika says I have no interest in replying to you. Brinda says you got after Ram now, when Shashi has no money, last time, you had crushed Ram’s feelings, this time, we will talk face to face, get that clear. Vedika says your question is wrong, Ram and I can never get separated, Priya is also caught in my plans. Priya asks Nandini why is she crying. Nandini asks how is Ram. Priya says he is fine, talk to him. Nandini says no need, he will worry seeing me like this, I m worried for Shubham, he didn’t go in meeting, you had to make an excuse, Ram is ill, Shubham doesn’t know the responsibility. Tarun comes and says Shubham has come drunk.

Nandini goes and asks Shubham to get up. Shubham argues with Priya. He gets angry on Nandini and Priya. He says Ram is capable, I m useless. He argues with Priya. He says I can’t win if I compete with Ram. She says Ram loves you a lot. He says I know, but he doesn’t trust me, so he kept you over my head as a monitor. Nandini asks him to stop nonsense. Priya asks did you feel bad that I went in meeting. Shubham says Ram trusts you, not me. Nandini says its right, you proved no one can trust you. Shubham says Nandini didn’t trust me, so Ram didn’t trust me, I m not upset with Priya, Ram trusts Priya, not me, how nice, when I have no respect, keep the business, I m useless, you can handle it. Priya says I know you felt bad, I will help you, I will talk to Ram. He asks will you give me my share, tell me now.

Ram says Shubham and Shivi lost dad when they were young. Priya thinks to give her share to Shubham. Adi says Priya wants to return the share to Shubham. Priya gets happy seeing Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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