Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram scolding Nandini. Sid pays the men and says the fire should be such that this face becomes a painful memory, Priya and her baby shouldn’t get saved. The men agree. Sid says Ram will also die, then we will stop this goodness acting, we will get Khannas and Kapoors money, come, before anyone sees us. Shubham sees Nandini’s car and says its mom’s car. Sid says we have no time, come, think she has sacrificed her life for your dream. They leave. Ram says I have no words, you kept Swati away from me, is money so imp for you. Priya says Swati and Lakhan suffered. Nandini says watch your words. Ram asks will you threaten Priya. Nandini says you remember Hitesh uncle, you had pushed him in childhood, what will you do. Ram says you want to call the cops, fine, call them, end this chapter today.

Nandini asks Priya do you want this, your coming baby also raises without a father. Priya says do it, you know if he goes to jail, then you won’t get anything, Shubham and Sid are useless, don’t threaten us, we will go home. They see the smoke coming. Pihu is with Brinda. She shares the holiday plans.

Ram, Priya and Nandini cough by the smoke. Ram tries to break the door. Ram says I will call Adi. Priya calls Swati and says fire has caught up at Sood house, send someone. Swati says I m sending Lakhan, don’t worry. She cries and asks Lakhan to just and save Priya from the fire. Lakhan runs. Ram says I will do something. He breaks the door. Priya gets fainting. Nandini shouts to Ram. Ram runs and holds Priya. He gets a stool. Priya sits. Ram takes her. Lakhan comes and says we should take her to hospital. Nandini shouts Ram. Ram asks Lakhan to take Priya. Lakhan asks Ram to come, Priya’s pulse is falling.

Nandini shouts for help. Ram says Priya listen to me, keep courage for me and our kids, Lakhan I m sorry for all the blames, take Priya to hospital, I will get mom, I will come back, I will fix the wrong that happened with Swati and you, its my promise. Swati comes and says don’t come inside Ram, I can’t lose you. Ram says I can’t step back, I will come, take care of Priya, Lakhan, take Priya to the hospital, promise me. Nandini falls down and gets hurt. She thinks this had to happen with me. Ram comes to save her. Adi and Vikrant come there and shout Ram.

Ram asks Nandini to come. She says I don’t deserve this, just go. Ram asks how shall I go, I have truly loved you, come with me mom. She asks him to please go. He hugs her. She cries and says leave me, go Ram. He asks her to come. A wooden plank falls. She pushes Ram towards Adi and Vikrant. She falls down and says go Ram, I love you Ram. She dies. Ram thinks I m sorry mom.

The doctor says her pregnancy was already complicated, we can save either Priya or her baby. Lakhan says save both of them. Priya says no, save my baby, Lakhan promise me, you will take care of my babies.

He says don’t think so. She says promise me, you will take care, you are my family. Adi gets Ram there. Priya worries. Doctor says he has asthma problem, he has inhaled a lot of smoke. Adi says Priya… Priya says he went to save Nandini. Adi says relax, nothing will happen to her. Lakhan says don’t lose courage, you have to live. Priya says its connected to Ram. Lakhan shouts. Swati takes care of Pihu. Pihu prays for her happy family. Lakhan gets sad. Swati says nothing will happen to them. Adi and Brinda cry and ask Ram to get up. Ram gets up and says Priya, I have to meet her. Brinda says please meet her later. Ram says Priya would have not stopped if she was in my place. Doctor treats Priya and says your baby will be with you soon. Ram is taken to Priya. Ram stays by her side. She asks for Pihu. Ram and Priya have an emotional talk and laugh. Bade acchhe…plays…

Pihu is seen with Raghav. He smiles and sees her with love.

Update Credit to: Amena

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