Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Nandini saying sorry Priya, I didn’t know Shubham is feeling inferior to Ram, I will handle him, you will always be the share holder. Priya goes. Nandini sees her gone. She says Shubham, she went. She wipes her tears. They smile. She thinks Priya will give her share back, well done Shubham for the acting. Brinda and Sara make the dinner arrangements in the cafe.

Priya comes. Brinda says we are preparing for your date with Ram. Priya asks what will Ram think, are we kids, stop it now, I m 32 year old. Sara says fine. Brinda says this is needed, Ram will act that he is doing good, we are doing this to make him feel better, all the best. They go. Priya thinks to keep Ram happy. She talks to Ram. She asks are you fine, say the truth. He says I m not fine, I feel scared. She asks why, I will talk to doctor, he will help. He says doctor can’t help me, problem is, your hair is tied, I m scared seeing it. She says it was a bad joke, I won’t loosen my hair, you use your coupon. He says no, I won’t. She says I wanted to talk to you, why did you let Anjali go free, she trapped Akki, I will not loosen my hair. They have a talk.

Shu thinks to ask about Shubham. She says Sid and Shubham were busy so I went for meeting. Ram says they went for partying, thanks for handling the client. She asks why did you make me a partner. He says I m happy to decide this, he should be responsible. She asks don’t you trust him. He says I do, but he is a kid. She says he should learn work. He says I got busy in work, I was helpless to spend my young years in work, I want Shubham to enjoy his life, sorry for troubling you. She says its okay, I want to talk to Shubham, he has to learn work.

He says it won’t be right to compare me with Shubham, Shivi and Shubham were young when dad passed away, I m like their guardian. She says you don’t talk of step relations again. He says I love him. She says everyone does this for siblings. He thanks her. She thinks to give her share to Shubham. Shubham asks any news. Nandini says no, Priya was shaken, I think she loves the share, we have less time, we have to do something before Ram comes. Adi comes and says Priya asked me to make these papers, she wants to return her share. She asks why, Ram made her a partner. He says I don’t know. She says call her.

Shubham asks why did she do this. Adi says I will ask Ram. Nandini says no, we will talk to him when Ram comes. Adi says fine, I will keep the papers. Shubham says I will ask her why she is doing this. She says I will ask her with love. Adi says I will wait for her. She asks Tarun to have tea. She thinks Priya has to sign these papers. Priya is on the way. She thinks of Ram and Shubham’s situation. She thinks rich people don’t stay happy as I thought, we sisters never argued for the rights on bakery, I will make Shubham take up his responsibility. She sees the temple and prays to find some way. Some kids dress up as Hanuman’s vanar sena. The kids say you should walk on Ram’s path, if you are in a dilemma. They go. Priya smiles.

She gets surprised seeing Ram there. She rushes to him. They come home. Ram hugs Nandini. She says I m very happy seeing you. Adi says we will click a pic, Vedika, click a family pic, please. Nandini says of course. He says this is a happy family, right, Vedika. Vedika says very happy. Vedika clicks the pics.

Adi checks the pics. He says wow Vedika, family looks so good, you take good pics. Ram says I m fit and fine now, Adi, how did you come here. Nandini says Priya called him. Priya says yes. Vedika says you didn’t say Ram is coming. Priya says I didn’t know, I met him on the way. Ram says I wanted to surprise everyone, I want to use my washroom. He goes. Priya says I asked Adi to make the papers, I was talking to Ram, he told me that he worries a lot for Shubham, he isn’t upset with Shubham, he said he did work all his life, but he wants Shubham to enjoy life, but I think Shubham should become responsible, so I want to return the 5%. Nandini says Shubham, don’t lose this chance. Adi says Ram should be involved in this. Priya says no, I don’t want him to fall ill, its my share, so decision will be mine.

Priya says I will give the share when you become responsible. Vedika says we will change her decision. Ram argues with Priya and walks out.

Update Credit to: Amena

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