Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 6th October 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram scolding Tarun. He says call the ambulance, she has fever, 103 temperature. Priya comes and asks Ram to calm down. She takes care of Pihu. She says your dad is also here, he will feed you this medicine. Ram asks Pihu to have it. Priya says just drink the medicine, else doctor will give you injection. Ram says I m with you. She says I fell in the bathroom once, Pihu was too young, even then she saved me, she started shouting and crying, then I went to the doctor. She goes. Ram talks to Pihu. He tells about Priya and his story. He says Priya used to give me coupons. He laughs telling about the past moments. Priya asks why did mum and you fight. He recalls Shivi.

He says we should check the temperature once. Tarun apologizes. Priya says weather is bad, its not your mistake, there is no bread to make a sandwich, I will get it. Ram checks the temperature and says I will tell Priya. He goes. He asks where is Priya. Tarun says she went to have bread. Ram says Pihu’s fever got down, its raining, I will go and get her. Priya calls Tarun and asks did Pihu sleep. He says no, talk to her. Priya says take rest, I will come and make good sandwich for you, don’t worry.

Pihu says get drenched from my side also. Tarun says Ram has gone to get Priya. Priya asks how will Ram find me. Chehre me tere…plays… Ram comes to Priya. Yeh Mausam ki baarish…plays… Ram and Priya have an eyelock. They come home. Priya dries her hair. Ram signs her. They both help each other. Ram eats a sandwich. Priya comes to Pihu. She says I will change and come. Pihu asks do you have clothes here. Priya says yes, I have nothing here, I will go home. Pihu says its late, is not safe. Ram says yes, I will drop you. Pihu asks what will you wear. Ram says wait. He gives a saree to Priya.

He says its your holi saree. She goes. He says we had dyed this together. Pihu says Priya used to get sad when she spoke to Ishaan. Priya asks Pihu to sleep now. They put Pihu to sleep. Priya says I will book a cab. Ram says I can drop you. She says no, you know everything. He says actually not. Ram thinks to spike the drink and find out Ishaan’s truth. Priya drinks the kada.

He says you remember the time you had won the saree for the first time. Priya says no, Brinda has spiked my drink, I will remember it now, why do you look worried, don’t worry, Pihu will be fine, weather is such, kids get fever, I feel heavy headed. She says I had to come for my daughter, I have raised her alone, but you are with us now, everything will get fine, you need some practice, then you won’t worry, I feel dizzy, this never happened before on drinking kada.

Priya scolds Ram for spiking the drink. Ram says I wanted to know what you feel for me. She says I have nothing in my heart for you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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