Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Priya asking Nandini to say something to Ram. Nandini says I can’t tell him anything, after his dad’s death, I have spoilt him a lot, maybe he was waiting for his wife to come and change him, make him swear on his dad, he won’t refuse. Sid says I should have not come here. Sandy asks why, is everything okay. Sid says it can be a big problem, I should go. She says this place is nice, did anything happen. Shivi looks on and thinks why do I think I heard this voice. She comes and says Sid. Sid greets her. He says that’s why I said I shouldn’t have come here, I didn’t know that my ex Shivi will be here. Shivi asks Sandy why was she talking to Sid. Sid says sorry, I should have not come, sorry to waste your time, it was nice meeting you, I should leave, sorry. He leaves. Sandy asks why suddenly, what happened. Shivi says you got saved. Sandy asks what happened. Shivi says I broke the engagement with him. Sandy says you loved Akki, who gave you the right to decide for my life, you ruined everything.

Priya takes the online class. Ram looks on. She says sorry to get late, my husband isn’t fine. The guy says we will talk about partnership. Priya says yes, its an imp thing of life and business, people don’t like it. She teaches the guy and taunts Ram. Ram thinks she is taking my class. Priya says when the partners aren’t in sync, then the partnership breaks, there are losses in life also, like my husband, he is unwell, I felt he should rest, but he doesn’t care, he didn’t listen to me, its insecurity in partnership. Ram thinks jailer has become judge. Sandy stops Sid. She says really sorry, why can’t we become friends. Sid says honestly, I have no problem, Shivi will have a problem, we have a past. Sandy says you choose friends on this basis. Sid thinks I thought she will cry for her first love, what shall I do now. Sandy says its good to know on time, we live only once, so it was nice meeting you. She goes. Sid sees Shubham there. He thinks how will we trap Akki now. He asks Sandy to stop. He says go home and tell Shivi that you want to have friendship with me, then see the drama, if you think that our friendship is worth it, fine, I will meet you here. She goes. Sid says sorry bro. Shubham says its fine, its happening because of Shivi, Shivi will do a drama, her ego will be hurt. Priya finishes the class.

Ram says you were taunting me. They argue. She lectures him a lot. She asks him to think of his dad, just swear on him and take care. He shouts keep his name away from your taunts, he is my dad, his name shouldn’t come in our arguments, I went down because your Rangoli got spoilt, I did all this for you, its my mistake. She thinks to talk to the doctor. Sara asks did you meet Sid. Akki asks since when are you chatting with him. Shivi says he isn’t right for you. Sandy says Sid helped you in planning a surprise for Akki. Sandy argues with them and goes angrily. Shivi says Sid is a big problem, I won’t go home unless she stops talking to Sid. Akki says relax, she is right, we can’t force our decisions on her, they are just friends. Shivi says I won’t go, you talk to Ram. She goes. Sara says I will talk to Priya.

Priya thinks I will go to Ram once Ram sleeps. She hears Vedika talking to Nandini about Ram. Nandini sees Priya and says she is taking care of Ram. Priya says Ram is busy in the business setup. Vedika asks what’s the use to keep Adi with him then. She says I asked Shashi to share the work loan. Priya thinks what will Adi think when he knows this.

She goes to Ram and says I have no right to say about your dad, sorry, I was just worried for your health, you have much workload, everyone thinks Adi isn’t doing his work well, he isn’t wrong, thanks for fixing the Rangoli, that’s very sweet, you should talk to everyone. Ram says your loose hair look really good. He sings. She gets the doctor’s message about giving a heavy dose of relaxing medicine to Ram. She asks Ram to sleep. Ram says no. He hums. She thinks its the medicine effect. She asks him to take rest. He says yes, I can’t think so much, I should rest, I deserve a break. She says yes. He says we will go out, where will we go. She says we will go to the room, you will sleep. He asks what’s your motive. He laughs and then cries. She asks are you fine. Shubham says everything is fine, Sandy got trapped in Sid’s words. Nandini asks how will Ram react when he knows this. He says we will decide that, we will create a misunderstanding between Akki and Shivi, even Ram and Priya will get trapped. She says Ram should think that he can’t live without us, its not true, we can’t let him bond with Priya, we should be his family. Ram says I m fine, we should cry sometimes, I m scared, what will happen of my family if anything happens to me.

Priya does the file’s puja. A thief runs with her bag. Ram gets the file. Priya scolds the thief. Ram thinks she walked to the temple at night. He asks Nandini can Priya sit with me in the puja.


Update Credit to: Amena

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