Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 2 9th March 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ram and Priya discussing about shopping. She says we should not do shopping. He says its good luck to wear new clothes for puja, why am I arguing, I have a coupon of no refusing. She says coupon expired. He says its wrong. Akki says Ram can’t give kada to Vedika, why did he lie. He says I will go and ask Priya, once Vedika goes, then everything will get fine.

Ram says you know who you are. Priya says Priya. He says planet Venus, you have your own direction. She says I will increase validity of the coupon, but you won’t force me to do shopping. He says okay, you are Venus, but who am I, I will also have a planet. She says you are not any planet. He says oh, you think I m the sun. She says you were a planet before, you are Pluto, far and different. He asks her to listen.

Shivi asks Nandini to listen. Nandini says I have to make Manali arrangements. Akki says Shivi, we will talk later. Nandini asks what’s the matter. Shivi says I want the other bangle which you kept for Shubham’s wife. Nandini asks what, its Ram’s mum’s bangles. Ram comes.

Shivi says I want that other bangle, can you get it for me, I want to wear it. Vedika goes to Akki’s room. She says he would have hidden the bangle. She opens the cupboard. Nandini says Virender made the bangles for his wife, Ram wants to give it to Shubham. Akki says but Shubham refused for it, what’s the problem, Shivi is also your daughter. Mami taunts him.

Akki says I m staying here as Shivina wanted. She asks did Shivi ask for the bangle, no, you have told this to her, she wears new designs, why would she like old designs. Akki says Shivi has a right on the bangles, what’s wrong. Ram says you are right, I will make new bangles. Akki says its about your mum’s bangles, what wrong am I doing if I m asking that for Shivi.

Vedika checks the things. Priya comes and asks what are you doing, do you want something. Vedika says no, its okay, I will manage. Priya asks are you upset with me. Vedika says you have done a good drama today. Priya defends. Priya and Vedika argue in the room.

Nandini shouts. She says I didn’t want the bangles to go out of the house, so I wanted Shubham’s wife to get it, what wrong did I do. She cries. Ram consoles her. Priya and Vedika come to see. Akki thinks why is she lying, I can’t find the truth this way.

He asks Ram is mom saying the truth. Ram says Akki wants Shivi to get the bangles. Priya asks how can Akki ask for your mum’s bangles. Mami says I agree with Priya. Ram says he has a right to ask, but I m not able to give it because… Akki says because Shivi is your stepsister. Priya raises hand on Akki. Ram holds her hand. She says leave my hand. He says I won’t let you do anything that makes you regret later. She asks Akki to apologize to Ram, else their relation will be over. Akki apologizes to Ram and goes. Priya apologizes to Nandini. Vedika thinks they always stand for each other.

Nandini says its okay, we will think of Mahashivratri, Adi said you both are going for couple interview, we will talk later. Ram says think with a calm mind. Priya says don’t try to control my anger, its about me and my brother. He says its about me and my wife, please listen to me. She says fine, I will go from here. Mami comes to Vedika and says you make plan and it fails, Nandini scolds her, and we all think of a new plan, tell me what’s the plan. Vedika says our plan is already ready.

Priya packs her bags. Ram says I didn’t want you to go. She asks how can Akki make such a demand. He says maybe Shivi got adamant. She says if I get adamant, then will you fulfill it.

He says you get adamant and see. She says you like to fulfill everyone’s wishes and become a hero. He asks what did I do. She says Akki was misbehaving, you should have slapped him. He says its okay, Shubham and Shivi also say so, I don’t care. She says you do care, I have seen you feel bad by this word.

Ram says my parents used to do this puja together. He calls Nandini. Nandini says I will get the new bangles, I have to go to Delhi, tell me, will you go there. Priya waits for Ram.

Update Credit to: Amena

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