Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 25th May 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram Kapoor celebrating the success of his start-up with all of his friends and colleagues. He says it’s new year so let’s celebrate it. They are watching the news about Ram Kapoor’s company in love streaming. They are praising Ram Kapoor in the news. Everyone claps for him. Ram’s friend Aleekha comes there and congratulates him on the success of his start-up business. She says that he is a talk show to everyone. He tells her he thanks her dad.

If he hadn’t invested in this business, then he wouldn’t have reached this success today. His colleague asked Ram’s friend. Didn’t he congratulate Ram yet? He is his best friend. He says to him that he will definitely congratulate him. He is part of his family and a close friend. Riya informs Ram that he got the best businessman award of the year. He celebrates the news. His best friend says to his colleagues that Ram started this business alone.

Neither his family nor friends supported him. But today he did it. He achieved it. He went many ways to achieve this success. He is a boss who gives jobs to thousands of people. He is a huge success. He is able to give a better life to his family. Everyone will be happy around him. Only a few people want to see him in happiness. He is one among them.

Kriti comes there to meet Ram. She congratulates him. She tells him that she likes this hide and seek game. It’s better to create a curiosity in front of them. She is a top model and he is a businessman. She wishes to announce to everyone that he is dating her. Ram’s best friend comes there and tells him that they are a romantic couple. He passes comment on them.

Ram tells her that he is his best friend. Ram admires the rain outside. He tells her that they are his strength. He isn’t alone anymore. He thinks that he has everything in his life. Money and love. He isn’t alone, though he feels like he is missing something in his life. Priya mentions love. She is giving treatment to her patients. She tells her that she is talking with her to divert her mind.

Priya says to her patient that she is going to celebrate her new year with her boyfriend. Her boyfriend Yuvraj went to attend his boss Ram Kapoor’s success party. They planned a date after this party. She shows her wedding dress to her and says that he chose it for her. They are a middle-class family, so this proposal isn’t in their lives. He is very ambitious in his life, but she isn’t like that. Yuvraj calls her at that time. She asks him if he remembers their date?

He tells her that he is still at the party. He says to her that he believes that Ram likes his idea and gives promotion to him. Priya tells him that she baked a cake for him. Meanwhile, Aleekha asks Ram what if she proposed to Yuvraj today. He asks her if there is any girl in his life. She tells him that she doesn’t care about it all. They are single, so it’s common to attract each other. Priya struggles to go out carrying the cake. Yuvi says to his colleagues that his girlfriend is waiting for him.

Aleekha calls Yuvaraj to dance with her. The taxi driver asks Priya why she is travelling alone in this storm. She tells her that she isn’t alone. Later, Aleekha shares with Yuvraj about the way she started this business with Ram. Aleekha tells him that she has everything in her life except love. She loved him. Yuvraj lies to her that he doesn’t have anyone in his life. Priya protects the cake from getting wet. She admires the rain.

Aleekha says to Ram that Yuvi didn’t answer her properly. Ram asks her to give him some time to think about it. If she gives pressure to him, how will he think about it? Rita says that she doesn’t want to break anyone’s heart. If he accepted her for her money, then she wouldn’t want him. Later, Priya returns home. Priya’s mom asks Deepika to upload her photo on social media. Priya is not able to do it. She shows her old picture to Priya. Priya and Sanju make fun of her.

Yuvraj worries about the proposal and wishes to cancel his dinner with Priya. Ram confronts him to find out whether he has anyone in his life or not. Why does he hesitate to answer her? Yuvraj agrees to accept her. Ram attends Priya’s call on Yuvraaj’s mobile. Both wished a happy new year to each other.

Precap: Ram Kapoor and Priya’s face off

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