Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 26th May 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram assuring Priya that he would pass the message for her. Everyone greets Ram. Priya’s father wishes her for new year. He asks her permission to drink but Priya outright refuses. Rithika sees Yuvraj dancing closely with another girl. She calls Priya and informs the same. Priya gets confused.

Rithika calls Yuvraj and takes him aside. She asks him what’s he doing there as Priya is waiting for him. Yuvaraj states that he was about to leave got geld up by colleagues. He gets Priya’s call and shares the same with her. Priya warns Ritika to not Gaslight things and expresses her complete trust on Yuvaraj. Ritika tries explaining but in vain.

Ram comes to his mother and they share a sweet moment. Her mother wishes for him to stay by her side and Ram assures to keep the promise as far as possible. She suddenly gets severe toothache and winces in pain. Ram couldn’t find a Dentist as everyone are busy with new year eve. Ram posted on Doctor’s site and pleads immediate visit if available. Priya sees the message and wants to go to help them. Her father tries stopping her but she says that she should help the one who’s in need. She adds that she had to anyhow cancel her plan and takes her leave.

Ram is trying to get contact with a Dentist when Priya coned there. Ram is doubtful but her mother pleads her to help her with the pain. Priya starts the procedure and calms her before taking forward. Ram is very nervous and his mother asks him to stop his March past. His mother gets impressed with Priya’s attitude and asks if she’s married. Ram warns her knowing the way ger thoughts are heading but Priya says that she has a boyfriend and asks her blessings for something good to happen soon. His mother thanks her as she feels so much relieved now and Priya warns her to not have anything for them next two hours..

Ram’s mother suggests her to get more money as she worked on holidays but Priya refuses. His mother insists but she stands firm in her point.Priya notices Ram already had a full cake and asks if he doesn’t gain weight over it but Ram starts giving her lecture on excercising. Priya cuts him off and calls Yuvaraj who’s with his female colleague.

He ignores her and call and takes his leave but his phone falls down by mistake. His female colleague notices it and goes to his home to return it. Ram’s mother can’t stop praising Priya and expresses her wish to see him get married to someone who would love him with all her heart. They both mock and pull each other’s legs.

Precap: Ram and Priya argue over Priya’s snoring habit. Priya denies having the habit but Ram shows her the video proof. Priya gets embarrassed.

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