Bade Achhe Lagte Hain 3 2nd June 2023 Written Update

The episode starts with Ram giving speech about Aleekha and Yuvaraj’s love story. Rithika and her mother tries to go inside but the security doesn’t let them in. Ram gives speech about love and how it varies from person to person. He says that for him love is something which makes him forget everything when the other person is in front of him. Just as he keeps explaining, Priya comes there at the same time.

She finds Rithika and her mother knocking on the door and Priya scolds them. Priya asks them to leave but her mother doesn’t want to leave without proving to the world about Yuvaraj being a cheater. A media person crosses by and she stops him saying that she has an exclusive interview about Ram’s employee Yuvaraj.

Supriya takes Ram aside and asks about the person he’s in love with . Ram looks at Kirthi but lies that he didn’t find one yet. Supriya approves his relationship and promises to try to accept his partner only for his happiness. Priya’s mother says media about Yuvaraj betraying Priya once Aleekha proposed him out of his greed for money. Security tries to send away the reporters while Priya drags her mother afar.

Her mother refuses to give in while Rithika continues narrating. She also enters the house to meet with Yuvaraj. Ram is discussing with Aleekha about love when his guard says that a lady is creating scene outside the house. Priya goes in to fetch Ritika while she crosses paths with Ram. Howeve both didn’t see each other .

Ritika spots Yuvaraj and lashes out at him for betraying her sister. Yuvaraj takes her aside and asks her to leave but she refuses. Priya comes there and forcefully takes her out and refuses to spare a glance at Yuvaraj. Wne. Ram came outside he finds Priya’s mother promoting Ritika in front of media over the issue. Ge sends away the media and takes her aside.

He asks about the problem and his mother says that Yuvaraj betrayed her daughter for rich Aleekha. Ram says he told that they broke up.lomg before but her mother refuses it. Priya comes there and both Ram and Priya identify each other. Ram learns that Priya is the girl but Priya refuses to share anything and leaves with her mother and sister.

Aleekha asks Ram what was the lady talking about. She insists Ram to find other side of story and not trust only one side because there may be more to it. Ram says she is Priya. He doesn’t know her much but still doesn’t feel like she is a someone who likes drama and stuff. Ram thinks to talk to Priya and find out what the matter is. She says no matter what happens she doesn’t want to marry by any wrong means.

Ram comes to talk to Yuvraj and he fools Ram saying that he had already broken up with Priya but she cannot accept the truth so she is doing all this.Ram thinks he needs to talk directly to Priya before coming to conclusion and confirming the relationship. He says they should not let Supriya know about this. Supriya overhears the conversation and thinks what Ram is talking about.

Precap – Ram asks to Priya discuss about Yuvi and Priya’s relationship because of what her mon said in media. Supriya will misunderstand them being in love.

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