Barrister Babu 11th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Trilochan asking Bondita to promise him, the baby will always be a Roy Choudhary. Bondita says I promise, I will never leave this house, this baby is Anirudh and my blood, Roy Choudhary’s Ansh, you may believe that Anirudh isn’t alive, I m sure that he is alive, the proof is, I m alive, we are tied with the string of the same breath, if I m alive, then he has to stay alive, I will find him, think if he comes in front of you and asks you why you did this, what will you answer him.

Trilochan says forgive me, I got blind in sorrow and didn’t see your pain, don’t go from here. Sampoorna says he realized his mistake, don’t leave this house. Bondita says Batuk will snatch my baby, he hates me, if I go against him, then I will hurt the family, it will be good to leave from here. He says I will explain him. She says no, I can’t put my baby in danger, let me go. He says you are right, Batuk crossed limits in his hatred, he has become a Raavan, you go, but I won’t let you go like this, I will make you stay in my good friend’s house, they will take care of you, I won’t let Batuk know, don’t worry, this time, I will not lose you. He blesses her.

The man says you wrote many letters, but you don’t remember the address. Anirudh says I don’t remember. The man says its fine, Durga Maa will unite you, have medicines. Anirudh sees the newspaper. He says Tulsipur, Bondita stays there. The man says I will make arrangements to go there. Bondita feels stomach ache. She sits on the stairs. Sampoorna says maybe her labor started, I will come along. Trilochan says yes, come. Batuk laughs and says I will come along with you to the hospital. Trilochan says look Anirudh… Batuk says Batuk… Bondita knows I m BRC. Trilochan shouts and asks him to leave. Batuk says I don’t think we should waste time, Bondita’s labor pain started, we should rush her to the hospital. Trilochan says I m taking you along, I won’t let wrong happen with Bondita and baby. Batuk says I really love my nephew, I will tell him that I m his Super Chachu, I love you, and I hate Bondita. The man says you will go to Tulsipur and meet your family, are you happy. Anirudh says very happy, thanks, I m coming to you.

Bondita is taken by the nurse. Trilochan says after Anirudh passed away, Bondita has become the daughter of the house, I want Bondita and baby to stay with us, forget everything, make a new start. Batuk says don’t get emotional, Bondita will stay with us, we wanted the baby to stay with us, how can I say no, he will be a Zamindar like us. Trilochan hugs him. Nurse asks Batuk to get the medicines for Bondita. Batuk goes. A man comes running and says fire has caught up in the haveli. Trilochan and Sampoorna leave.

Batuk laughs and says go, I m here to handle everything, the baby will come in the haveli, but Bondita won’t come, she made me away from my family, I will make her away from my family forever. Batuk asks doctor about the baby boy. Doctor says delivery didn’t happen, we can just save either mum or child, its a critical situation. Batuk says save the baby, we don’t care for the mother, save the baby boy, be careful. Doctor goes. Anirudh prays to Durga maa. He says I m coming to meet Bondita and you at the Roy choudhary haveli.

He says she would have cried and shared her sorrow with you, you would have become her strength, thanks for making me fine, I will go to Tulsipur to my Bondita. Batuk hears the baby’s cry. He says I can hear my nephew, baby come out. Doctor says its a miracle, mum and baby are fine, congrats, you got twins, a son and a daughter. He asks nurse to shift Bondita to the general ward. Batuk takes the baby boy and says I m your super chachu. Nurse says Bondita got twins.

Batuk says Anirudh’s children, thanks, I will handle them, I m their Chachu. He asks the children to say bye to Bondita. Bondita is taken on the wheelchair. Batuk says bye forever. Bondita wakes up and looks for her babies. She calls out the nurse. She asks where are my children. Nurse says Batuk took them away. Bondita asks what, no… Nurse says you are very weak, you should take rest. Bondita says no mum is weak, when its about her children, a mum can become Durga Maa, I won’t let Batuk snatch my baby. Nurse stops her. Bondita pushes her and leaves. Trilochan asks Batuk to open the door. Trilochan and everyone are locked. Batuk says she has snatched my Anirudh. Trilochan says you cheated me. Batuk says you changed and supported Bondita, so I had to do this. He asks the baby not to cry. Trilochan says don’t separate them from their mum, its the world’s biggest sin. Batuk says they are Anirudh’s last sign, I will never give them to Bondita. Bondita comes home. Sampoorna says baby is crying, he needs his mum. Batuk says I will take care, Trilochan also raised us. Bondita gets a shock by touching the door, wired up. Batuk says I will make Bondita away from the children, I will take them to Italy, Anirudh’s last signs will stay with me. The man brings Anirudh to Tulsipur. Anirudh says I will go from here myself.

Update Credit to: Amena

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