Barrister Babu 15th October 2021 Written Episode Update

he Episode starts with Anirudh asking Bondita to answer them, if she thinks widow remarriage is right. She says I have void my child marriage to fight against that custom, I feel a widow has a right to remarry and live a new life, I know that I want to spend my entire life with Anirudh, if anything happens to him then… The man says not women, the men will decide, how women live and die. The other man says whoever doesn’t agree to us will die. Anirudh and Bondita look on shocked. The chaos begin. The men take a widow away. Bondita asks them to stop. Anirudh says calm down please. Bondita runs after them. The men take the widow to the river side. Bondita asks them to leave her. She asks Kumud to go away. The men catch Bondita. Bondita asks her to go and call Anirudh fast. The men take Bondita to the river and push her. Kumud runs to call Anirudh. She says save Bondita, she is drowning. Anirudh runs.

He sees Bondita in the river. He shouts Bondita….He jumps into the river and swims to her. He shouts again and rushes to her. He holds her hand. Batuk comes to the place to meet Anirudh. He hears some men talking. The man says the river has got a big storm today, Anirudh has jumped into the river to save Bondita. Batuk gets shocked and runs. Anirudh and Bondita get away. He reaches her again and holds her hand. They get a wooden log. He thinks its breaking down, it can just take the weight of one person, I have to get down to save her. He gets down the raft. He asks her to go, he will meet her at the shore. She says no, I won’t leave you and go, give me your hand. He says nothing will happen to me, I know swimming, you go. She says we decided to live and die together. He says don’t be mad, don’t talk of dying, promise me, you will raise a voice against bad customs. She says we will fight together. He says promise me, you will never leave your smile. She tries to hold his hand. She faints. He asks her to get conscious. He shouts Bondita.

Batuk runs to the dam. He looks for Anirudh. He says Anirudh is risking his life to save Bondita, I will save Anirudh. He shouts and jumps into the river. He swims to them. Anirudh and Bondita’s hands get separated. Anirudh gets drowning. Batuk looks on and shouts. Anirudh drowns. Batuk sees some men and asks did you see my brother, he looks like me, he knows swimming, he can’t sink. The man says a storm has come, we also returned, no one can get saved, don’t go, you will not return, we got few things from the river, check it once. He gets Anirudh’s stuff and shouts. He says you can’t leave me alone. The man says one who dies doesn’t come back. Batuk says Bondita has killed him, I will not leave her, Bondita was there, she would have died too. The man says no, we didn’t get anything. He says I will kill Bondita. Bondita is lying on the raft. He says I will take revenge for Anirudh.

Two ladies get Bondita and say she has come this way because of the storm, we should take her to the flood relief camp. Batuk comes to the camp to look for Bondita. Nurse says Bondita is alive, her state is critical. He says nice, thanks. He goes and sees Bondita. He pulls her nose. He says you are breathing, Anirudh should have taken it, Anirudh never cared for himself, he did everything for you, he jumped in the river to save you and he died, you killed him, I will kill you. He takes a scissor. He says bye bye Bondita….Doctor comes and asks who are you, are you her relative, you came on the right time, we have to give a good news, Mrs. Bondita is pregnant, you have to take much care of her, she got saved from a big storm, she is in trauma, she shouldn’t undergo trauma now, else it will be dangerous for her and her baby. Batuk looks at her.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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