Barrister Babu 18th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Batuk sitting, holding his head. He goes out. FB shows Anirudh and Batuk having a talk. Anirudh says you are staying in Italy since many years, why do you like this Elaichi tea. Batuk says distance makes family more close. Anirudh says then study well, don’t you want to study and become the best advocate of Tulsipur. Batuk says I want to become the world’s best advocate, but I want to become the world’s best Chachu first, I will become a smart barrister, you become a groom, forget that Bondita, she will never come back, listen to me, before someone calls you dad, do you want someone to call you Tau, think you will have your child, I promise he will be more than my life for me, I will do anything for you and my nephew. FB ends. He says Anirudh’s last sign, his life, Bondita has his baby, I want the baby. He hears Anirudh’s voice and says Big D… He goes to see. He sees the radio. He gets sad. He hears Bondita’s speech. He asks the people to go, the speech is over. He pulls off the wires. He says rights, remarriage, my foot, you snatched Anirudh, you want to give this speech and take law’s support, you want to snatch Anirudh’s last sign, no…. I will take that child, I don’t care you live or die.

Trilochan comes to Bondita and sees her. He asks doctor to save her. Doctor says she will get fine, water filled in her lungs, we are doing our best. Trilochan asks a man about Anirudh. He goes to find him. Batuk says I have come Bondita. He wears lenses. He says you snatched Anirudh, I will snatch Anirudh’s child, I will throw you out of the family. He dresses up like Anirudh. He says one lie, one drama, you will get trapped, then a day will come in your life when you give me your baby yourself. He laughs. He says I love you little baby, I hate you Bondita. He smiles and says I m coming to you, to our baby.

Bondita thinks of Anirudh. She wakes up and cries. She asks where is Anirudh. Trilochan comes. She asks where is Anirudh, his hand was in my hand, then it slipped, call him once. She faints. Nurse says call her husband, she will get a deep shock, its not good for her, because she is pregnant. Trilochan says Bondita is pregnant, Anirudh you have to come for Bondita, for your baby. He sits outside the tent. The man comes to him. Trilochan asks where is Anirudh. The man says I didn’t find him, a fisherman told that he had seen Anirudh flowing away, he said he would have not survived in that storm. Trilochan slaps him and falls down. He sees the Durga Maa idol and argues. He says I just want Anirudh back, return him to me.

He looks there and says Anirudh…. I knew you will come. He thanks Durga maa. Batuk says it’s me, Batuk, I’m not Anirudh. Trilochan says you are lying, don’t joke. Batuk says I couldn’t find Anirudh. Trilochan says his clothes, watch… how. Batuk says I will tell you, come here, don’t cry, listen to me carefully, your Batuk have to stay as Anirudh in front of her, just we both know that Anirudh and I look similar, no one else knows it. Trilochan says no, its wrong. Batuk says Bondita is pregnant with Anirudh’s baby, its his last sign. They hug and cry.

He says forget everything just once, you know what the doctor said about Bondita’s health, she is serious, if she gets a bad news, she can’t bear it, I don’t want anything to happen to the baby, let me become Anirudh, please, I promise, when we get the baby, I will tell everything the truth. Trilochan says okay Batuk. Batuk says not Batuk, Anirudh. Trilochan shouts Anirudh and cries. They hug. Bondita wakes up and asks the nurse to call Anirudh, where is he. Batuk comes with Trilochan. Bondita says Pati Babu, where did you go, are you fine, you know I was so scared. He gets away from her. He says Kaka is so happy seeing you. Bondita says thanks, you got Anirudh back to me, bless me that I will always be a suhaagan. Batuk looks at Trilochan.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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