Barrister Babu 20th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bondita asking do you remember, you told me that you will lift me in arms and take me around. She holds him. He gets away. Batuk says no, sorry, I can’t do this. She asks why. He says you need rest. She thinks why did I feel like I touched a stranger today when I touched Anirudh. Trilochan and Batuk cry for Anirudh. Trilochan says we didn’t get his dead body, but we have to do some rituals for his soul peace. Batuk lies in his lap and cries. Bondita asks where did Anirudh’s pic go. She asks Bihari. He says I don’t know. Shashwati says Trilochan has taken it with him, I have seen it. Bondita goes to see. Batuk does the rituals.

Trilochan asks him to put the last chadava. They cry and hug. Sampoorna stops Bondita and asks are you finding Trilochan. Bondita says I had to ask him, why did he take Anirudh’s pic. Sampoorna says he took it to fix the frame, come with me, I need to talk. They go away. Batuk leaves from there. Sampoorna says there are many changes happening in a woman when she becomes a mother, you and Anirudh have to understand this. Bondita says I feel everything changed, Anirudh’s behavior has turned strange. Sampoorna says maybe he is worried after that incident, you both got saved from the death, give him some time, everything will be fine.

Batuk is in some party. He says how shall I make Bondita go through this pain, how shall I burn her heart in the fire, in which my heart is burning. He calls and says I want all the info about Tapur and Tupur, their past and present, everything. Bondita waits for Anirudh. Trilochan comes to her. She says Anirudh didn’t come till now. Trilochan says he met me, he said he has some imp work, you go and sleep. He goes. Bondita says Anirudh keeps his work and family time separately, why is he doing this, I feel his behavior different. She says I shouldn’t think much. Trilochan stays sad. Batuk gets a call. Bondita sees Anirudh’s pic and hugs it. She asks him to come, she is missing him. Batuk laughs and says thank you. He says I got useful info about Tapur and Tupur, I will use this on a perfect time. He goes to dance with a girl. He gets drunk. Its morning, Bondita wakes up. She thinks Anirudh will come soon, I will get ready and do the Durga maa puja. She fixes the pic back. Batuk comes home and greets Trilochan. Trilochan asks where did you disappear at night, this isn’t Italy, Bondita will doubt you, go and convince her with love. Bondita thinks where is Anirudh. Batuk comes. She makes an upset face. He says I m sorry. She shows sorry written on his hands and on the slate hanging on his back.

She says I have forgiven you, why did you stay out all night. He says its a difficult case, the villain is very smart, he/she killed someone, everyone thinks she is innocent. She says he would be dangerous. He says yes, I have trapped her/him, she doesn’t even know anything, I will catch her when time comes. She says very smart, can you fill sindoor in my maang. She gets sindoor. She asks why are you thinking, do it. He says actually… She says you forgot, you said you will fill my maang, I m doubting you now. He takes the sindoor box. She says you have to open it this way. He says I know. He coughs and drops the sindoor box. She worries.

He says so sorry Bondita, I just sneezed, I will get one more. She says no, its abshagun. She thinks its superstition, he will scold me. She says don’t worry, I will get new sindoor. He thinks you don’t deserve Anirudh’s sindoor, see what I do. He gets a call. The man asks is this barrister Bondita’s house. He says wrong number and ends call. He answers again and says barrister Bondita doesn’t stay here. He gets angry. Somnath collides with Tapur. They pick the files. Somnath leaves. Tapur smiles. Batuk thinks see my next plan, you snatched Anirudh from me, I will snatch your family from you.

Update Credit to: Amena

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