Barrister Babu 21st October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bondita asking are you having tea, you take coffee, right. Batuk says I was thinking something and had it. She asks him to have coffee. He thinks how shall I drink it, I feel nausea by its smell. He dumps the coffee in his shoe. Bondita asks did you drink it so soon. He taunts her that its black like her heart. She asks what. He says it was amazing like you, thanks. She smiles. Sampoorna says he is showing love, you said he has changed, have these dana methi laddoos, I got this for you. Bondita says I can’t have it, its bitter like poison. Sampoorna says its good for your health. Tapur says its imp for the baby’s health. Batuk hears this. Bondita says I can’t eat it. Batuk asks her to eat it, its not poison. He feeds it to her. The laddoo drops. He asks don’t you care for the baby, are you mad. She asks is this the way to feed. He scolds her. He asks her to remember always, the baby is the most imp one. Sampoorna says Anirudh….. Batuk starts laughing. He says you all got shocked, right, I knew it, I m sorry, any other husband in my place would have reacted like this, but Anirudh won’t do this, he doesn’t force Bondita, he explains Bondita with love, laddoo is imp for baby’s health, Bondita and the baby are imp. Bondita says no, I won’t eat this laddoo. She smiles and says fine, I will eat it when you listen to my condition. He asks what condition. She says when you eat these bitter laddoos, then I will eat it, what happened, you can’t eat it right. He says for my baby’s health, Anirudh can tolerate any bitterness. He eats the laddoo. Bondita stops him and says I understood, enough.

Trilochan coughs. Somnath says I will get cough syrup. Tapur says I will get ginger honey syrup. Batuk stops her and asks her to stand beside Somnath. He asks did you see Kaka, they have become a doctor’s jodi, we shall make it permanent, we should get them married. Trilochan coughs. Bondita asks what are you saying, you didn’t ask me. Batuk says I don’t think I should ask everything, I think they like each other, don’t tell me that I should ask all the time. Trilochan says nice suggestion, Somnath what do you want to say. Somnath says as you find it right. Batuk says he means yes, get them married. Bondita says they shall spend time together and know each other, if they agree, then we can get mahurat. Batuk says calm down, we shall get them married. Trilochan goes to have medicines.

Tupur asks why did Bondita say this, we know about this family and Somnath. Bondita comes and says marriage is based on faith, we aren’t telling them the truth, Chandrachur tries to disrespect her, if we fix this alliance, then Somnath should know it. Tapur gets sad. Tupur says whatever my husband did, I have apologized to Tapur for it, don’t know what will Somnath think about her. Bondita says we will explain him that its not Tapur’s mistake, else he will think we cheated him. Tupur says Anirudh agreed for this relation, he knows Tapur’s truth. Bondita says yes, not every man have a broad thinking, if Somnath’s thinking is different, then this relation can’t stay for long. Tapur says you always think good for us, I will tell him the truth, but I can’t tell this myself. Bondita says we can write a letter and tell this to him.

Bondita writes while Tapur dictates. Tapur says I want to tell my life’s big truth, Chandrachur did wrong with me, its not my mistake, if you believe this, then drop a orange colour flower, I will understand that you accept this relation. Bondita asks Tapur to give the letter to Somnath. Batuk looks on and goes. Bondita types a letter on the typewriter. Batuk stops her from writing her name. She says what did you do, you stained my name. He says I want to remove barrister from your name. She asks did you say anything. He says you told wrong, you didn’t write barrister babu, drink the kesar milk first, do this later. He tears the paper and trashes it. He says you will have this kesar milk every day, the son will be fair. She asks since when did you start thinking of this. He says he is my son, he should look like me. She says but you said you want a daughter, even I want a daughter, it will be a daughter. He says you can’t decide everything, it will be a son, drink this milk. She says I understood, you are saying the opposite, I will make you admit that it will be a daughter. They argue.

She says it will be a lovely daughter, just like me. She makes a dummy on the pillow. He makes the boy’s dummy and says it will be a son. They argue. She says son. He says daughter, I mean son. She says see, I made you say it. She closes eyes. He gets away and says I can’t do this. She comes to him and asks what happened. He says its not right. She asks what, you are behaving like we are not husband and wife. He says we have to stay as strangers, you are pregnant, I spoke to doctor, its for baby’s health, I will sleep here on the sofa, you sleep on the bed. She says fine, but it will be a daughter. She goes and sits on the bed. She says fine, doctors said we can’t stay close, but you can sing a song for me. He says I don’t want to make my son a singer. She says we will argue, our daughter will become a barrister. He sleeps. She makes an upset face. She throws a cushion at him. He catches it. She sleeps. He gets up. He says it will be a son.

Update Credit to: Amena

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