Barrister Babu 25th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Batuk asking what are you saying. Bondita says you didn’t know playing the mouth organ, did you learn this overnight. He asks are you doubting me. She says yes, its a wife and barrister’s work to find the complete truth. He says okay my Lord, I will tell you, when I was locked in the jail, a fellow prisoner taught me to play this mouth organ, you weren’t there, I was alone and this mouth organ was with me. She says you aren’t alone now, why were you staring this pic, elders say that pregnant ladies should see the person, like whom she wants the baby to become. He asks her to just see Anirudh’s pic every day. She asks why will I see this pic, when you are in front of me. He says you will see this pic, baby should be like this. She asks him to sit, calm down, what happened. He sees Tapur coming. He says I was thinking, are you not happy with Tapur and Somnath’s marriage. She says its not like that. He asks aren’t you not happy, don’t you want the marriage to happen. She says yes, I m not happy. He asks why don’t you want the marriage to happen. Tapur hears this. Bondita says Somnath…

He drops the mouth organ. Tapur goes. He says sorry, what are you saying. Bondita says I don’t find it right. Its morning, Batuk shouts and asks Bondita to come out now. She asks what happened. He asks where is my watch. She says you are shouting for that broken watch, its in the right place. He asks what’s the right place. She says I gave it to the junk trader. He asks what, you didn’t ask me. She goes and applies the tika. He says I want my watch. She smiles and gets some box for him. She asks him to take it. He says thanks. She says I got a new watch for me, it will look good on your wrist, its good, right. He throws it. He says I want my old watch, its precious for me, it was junk for me, it was Anirudh’s….. it was my fav watch, where is that junk seller, I will find that watch. He goes. Trilochan looks on. Bondita picks the new watch and gets sad. She says don’t know what happened to him, he has changed a lot, I m not able to understand his love or anger, I feel he isn’t my husband but some stranger. He hears this.

Batuk stops the junk buyer. He asks about the watch he got from Roy Choudhary haveli. He says I want that watch, look for it. He gets the watch and pays the money to the man. Trilochan comes to him. Batuk says Bondita is mad, I got the watch. Trilochan says you made Bondita upset again. Batuk says you know its Anirudh’s watch, what it means to me. Trilochan says its Anirudh’s last sign for you and me, not for her, you are Anirudh for him, women have sharp instincts, if she doubts and finds the truth, then Anirudh’s baby…. Batuk says it won’t happen, I promise, I will talk to her with love. Trilochan says take care.

Batuk comes to Bondita. She says your entire truth is in front of me. He asks what truth. She says the truth of your change. He says I don’t understand. She says I understood everything now. He thinks does she know that I m Batuk, not Anirudh. He says I was going to tell you… She says no need, I understood that something is wrong, the man standing in front of me isn’t my husband, so I wanted to know why are you so changed, why do you worry for the baby so much. He says I will explain you. She says no need, sit, I spoke to doctor, she said that this happens, husband and wife’s lives change, their thinking also change, we may fight and get angry also, I have changed now, you have changed, we will just have love between us, we should be close, not away. He thinks doctor doesn’t know the truth, even she doesn’t know that this is just a drama. She says I love you a lot, doctor said that a would be mum’s health stays good when she gets much love from her husband, say I love you Bondita and give me a tight hug, we will become old Anirudh and Bondita again, you become me and I will become you. She opens arms.

Batuk says I would have tightly hugged you, but my mannat will break. She asks what mannat. He says when we were getting swayed in the river, I was scared that we will get apart, I prayed to Durga Maa that we live together, if this happens that I won’t hug you and go close to you for a year. She laughs and says I feel you aren’t Anirudh, but someone else. He says not at all. She asks since when do you believe in this, you are doing the opposite, what happened. He says I know the pain of losing my dear ones, I don’t want anyone to bear this pain in our family, I can do anything for family. She says you love me a lot. She holds his hand and says I promise, I will support you in your every mannat. He thinks I have tears, but not for you, but for Anirudh, once I get his child, then I will settle scores with you.

Precap will be added later

Update Credit to: Amena

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