Barrister Babu 28th October 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bondita saying one side pic isn’t there. Mallika says I had a fight with Batuk, he removed it in anger. Batuk says its Batuk’s anger, come Bondita. Mallika asks can I snatch Anirudh for some time. Bondita asks what, I will send the food for you. She goes. Batuk asks what was that drama, Bondita is sharp, she may know that Anirudh and I look the same. She says I don’t mind. He asks are you mad. She asks are you in love with Bondita. He laughs. He says you know I love no one, I just love myself, I m caring for Bondita because she is pregnant, and going to deliver Anirudh’s son. She says but I can’t see this, how shall I make my heart trust that you will return to me, I m blind in your love, I can understand it, you have to make me trust that you still love me, I removed your pic today, this may not happen again. He says okay. She says you should come to my room at 11pm, else I will go to Bondita’s room. He says I will come. He goes.

Some men come from barrister guild. The man says we have kept a function to honor Bondita, we came to invite her. Bondita smiles. Batuk says she won’t come. The man says its to honour her. Batuk says she won’t come, you may go. The men leave. Bondita thinks I feel he isn’t Anirudh, but someone else. Mallika looks at the clock. Batuk sees Bondita weaving a sweater. He sees the time. He asks her to sleep. She says no, I won’t sleep until you answer me, why did you tell the barrister guild that I can’t attend the function. He says you are worried that one trophy will get less. She says no, you wanted me to go on the stage and receive the trophies. He says you are getting a big trophy, this baby, right or wrong. She says right, you asked me to take decisions. He asks can’t I take decisions myself, sleep now, its late. She says listen to me. He says I don’t want the baby to have any problem, that’s why you shouldn’t go to Calcutta, its imp for your and baby’s health, sleep now. He lies on the couch. Mallika sees his pic and waits for him. He checks Bondita. He sees the time and goes to Mallika. He asks are you happy now. She keeps the pic back. She dances for him. He smiles.

Bondita wakes up. She doesn’t see him. She goes out to see. She hears some sound. She thinks water sound is coming from the washroom at this time, is any tap left open. Batuk is romancing Mallika. He comes out. Bondita sees Batuk and says you… Mallika asks what did you do…. Bondita looks at them. Mallika says Batuk would have fixed it, sorry, the tap wasn’t working, I saw Anirudh and asked him to fix it. Batuk says its fine now. Bondita starts laughing. He asks why are you laughing. She says you are shivering, come, change clothes, else you will catch cold. They go to their room. She asks him to sit. He says I will do it. She says remove the clothes, I will get a towel, why are you shy. Mallika looks on.

Bondita unbuttons his shirt. She says you will catch cold. He says I will manage. She asks him to wear the shirt. He thanks her and wears it. She wipes his hair. Mallika goes. She says how shall I say it, I know you and Mallika bumping into each other, there is a reason, but I can’t see you with anyone, if you want to go out for a walk at night, then take me along. He says yes. She smiles and says we will call Batuk back, then we will prepare Batuk and Mallika’s marriage, our baby will get his uncle and aunt, how is my idea. He says its too late, you should sleep, we will talk later. She goes to sleep.

Its morning, Bondita talks on call. She says I m very happy that you informed me the numbers of the phone calls received at our home, you are also ready to give the audio recordings of those calls. She thinks now I will know who was refusing for the cases. She gets some letters and thinks who was trying to write in my handwriting.


Update Credit to: Amena

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