Barrister Babu 4th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the man asking who are you, tell me your name, your family, I will inform them about you, try to write their names by this chalk. Anirudh says Bondita…. Bondita prays. Anirudh takes the chalk. He writes Bondita’s name. Mallika comes to Bondita’s name. She hears the shower tap sound. She takes Batuk’s lenses and says now you can’t wear this to become Anirudh. Batuk comes from the bath. Mallika goes to Bondita. She keeps the lens in the temple area and hides. Bondita takes the fruits plate. She sees the contact lens there. Batuk applies one lens, and looks for the second one. Bondita thinks no one uses lens in the family, who could be using it. She goes. Mallika says now Bondita will know that he isn’t Anirudh, but Batuk. Batuk looks for the lens. Bondita comes to her room. She sees Batuk. She says eyes are a mirror of a person’s heart, so his love, truth and lies can be seen in his eyes. Mallika looks on and smiles. Batuk faces Bondita. Mallika thinks how did Batuk get the second lens, its not possible. Batuk thinks he always have a second plan ready. He recalls hiding the backup lens. He asks whose lens is this. Bondita says I came to ask you. He says this is a house, not your court, stop thinking as a barrister, how would I know, please remember, you are a would be mum, a wife, a bahu, I don’t know about this lens. Mallika goes. He goes to get medicines.

Bondita says whose lens is this, how shall I find out. Batuk thinks how did you get my lens. Batuk sees the calender. He says after some months, I will have your child in my hands, I love you Junior Zamindar. He laughs and says Bondita…. will be out of the house. The man asks Vaid can Anirudh get fine. Vaid says he got paralyzed, his self will and his wish to return to the family can make him recover soon. Anirudh says Bondita…..

Bondita smiles and says baby just kicked, I felt it, you also touch and feel it. Batuk asks he kicked. She says yes. He goes away. She asks what happened. After six months, Mallika comes and hugs Batuk. She says we will go and party. He says no party will happen, its your birthday, I remember, I have a gift for you. She asks ticket to Italy. He says yes, I can’t let Bondita doubt, I want Anirudh’s child, you should go, have a happy and safe journey, pack your bags. Its morning, Prabhudas comes home. He falls in Bondita’s feet. Bihari stops him. Prabhudas asks her to fight his daughter’s case. Bondita says I will fight the case, get up. The widow says my Sasural has snatched my baby. Trilochan says Bondita can’t fight the case in this state. He goes. Prabhudas and his daughter request Bondita to think once. They leave. Bondita recalls Sumati. She thinks of Anirudh’s words. Mallika talks to her mum. She says Batuk is mad for his brother’s baby, I will get him. Her mum asks her to make the baby out of her way, feed white mushrooms to Bondita, its poisonous and abort the baby. Mallika smiles.

Bondita gets tea for Trilochan. He says you are going to give me an heir of this house, I m very happy, ask whatever you want. Bondita takes his blessings. She says bless me to win today. He asks are you going to fight the widow’s case. She says I can’t live with pride if I step back, that widow lost her child, forgive me, I have to go there. He shouts, you are going, remember your relation with me will end, I will never talk to you. Batuk looks on. She goes. Trilochan says Batuk, let her go. Bondita steps out of the house and sees the Laxman Rekha. She thinks what’s this dilemma, I have to sacrifice my family’s emotions for ending the society’s bad customs. Batuk looks on.

Precap will be added later.

Update Credit to: Amena

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