Barrister Babu 5th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Bondita recalling Trilochan’s words. She recalls Anirudh’s words and goes. Batuk laughs and says she just crossed the Laxman rekha, perfect, Bondita did the work which would be difficult for me, now Trilochan won’t support you, you will fight for widow rights, but I will snatch your baby and throw you out, there will be no one to fight for your rights. He laughs.

Anirudh says Bondita… The man says I know you are missing your family, you want to go back to them, I will pray that you get fine, I will try to unite you with them. Bondita comes home. The people chant her name. Prabhudas asks Trilochan to have sweets, his daughter has won the case because of Bondita, many such women will get a right to remarry and also get her child back. Trilochan shouts I don’t want to have the sweets. Bondita asks Prabhudas to leave, she will talk to him later. The people leave. She asks Trilochan not to get angry. She says I promise, I won’t fight any case until the baby comes. He goes. She refuses to have food. Batuk asks what did you say. He asks Bihari to get the food. He says you would be worried for the world, but I m worried for this baby, come on, have the food. He shouts at her. She eats the food. He says wait, I will get medicines. He goes. Bondita waits for him. Mallika comes. She recalls adding the mushrooms. She says baby won’t be there now, Batuk won’t need to act as Anirudh now, he will be just mine. Batuk falls down. He picks the medicines. He sees the mushroom chunks and says its like white mushrooms, its poisonous, what’s this doing in Mallika’s room. He says Mallika and my tickets, dated tomorrow, I m sure she is upto something. He runs to Bondita.

He stops Bondita and says don’t eat that, did you eat the food. She says no, but why. He asks are you sure. She asks what happened, what’s in it. He says cat has eaten the food, you can’t eat it. Mallika thinks did Batuk know about it. Bondita asks what, but… He asks don’t you trust me, its not good for you. She says but… He says don’t eat it, try to understand, I m sorry. He sees Mallika there. He says go to your room, I will get the food. He comes to Mallika’s room. He points a knife at her neck and scolds her. She asks him to leave her. He says you wanted to harm Anirudh’s baby, didn’t you get scared of me, I will kill you. She says leave me, what do you want. He says I want you to get out of here. She says fine, I will go. Bondita waits for him. Batuk says get out of here, I can kill anyone who comes between me and Anirudh’s baby, go away from here. He drags Mallika out. She asks him to listen. The vase falls. Bondita hears the sound and asks who is there. Batuk and Mallika hide. Bondita goes. He asks Mallika to get out. He leaves her outside the door. He shuts the door. He goes to Bondita and asks didn’t you sleep.

She asks where were you, its my right to know. He says don’t talk about rights, go and sleep. She asks did our relation spoil so much. He asks did you go mad, go and sleep. She gets a girl’s hair on his shirt and asks whose hair is this. He thinks it would be Mallika’s hair. He says it can be yours, you are asking me, did you become so insecure, are you doubting me, just throw the hair, go and sleep. She says no, I want my answers, I won’t sleep, you didn’t talk to me well, you didn’t share any joy, did you like anyone else, is there anyone in your life, do you want to get separated from me, I won’t ask anything, I will leave from your life, I won’t sleep until I get my answers. He says you are doubting on me, on your love, you have just hurt me, you are hurting my self respect every day by being stubborn, you crossed all limits, you doubted my character, I can’t meet my eyes, am I such cheap. Bondita says I didn’t mean that, I just wanted to know where do you go at night, I m sorry. He says sorry, I request you to sleep now for the sake of baby’s health. She cries. He says sleep and goes. She thinks there is something that he is hiding from me.

Update Credit to: Amena

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