Barrister Babu 8th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Trilochan reading the newspaper. Bondita comes and asks how can Mallika suddenly leave. Batuk says I know she left last night. She asks did you know. He says yes, Batuk wants to live in Italy. Trilochan says she was jealous seeing your relation, I m relieved that Batuk will have someone abroad, so its good she goes. Bondita asks how can she go without telling anyone. He asks do you always see a problem, stop it now, we have to go to the doctor. He says I can’t come there, I have some work in the court. She says I will go, its fine. He asks her to go and get ready. She gets ready. She thinks why did Mallika leave overnight, why was Anirudh getting angry, Kaka easily accepted that Batuk won’t come, he is hiding something. Landline rings. She takes the call. The lady says we are calling from river casualty helpline, we got more of Anirudh’s belongings, please come and collect. Bondita says I will come and take it. She goes. Trilochan says I sent Sampoorna and Bihari out. Batuk says perfect, we can do Anirudh’s six-month puja now.

Bondita takes the belongings. The man asks her to sign. She asks what’s this, how can you make a big mistake, why did you write late in front of his name. He says the fishermen told us that his body floated away, they couldn’t save him. She asks what. He says yes. Trilochan says Anirudh passed 6 months back. Anirudh says I spoke to pandit ji, he said puja is done well, we should also do a small puja here. Bondita says you are mistaken, he stays with me at home, I will call him, can I use your telephone. He says yes. She calls and asks for Anirudh. The lady says he didn’t come to the court, he didn’t come since the last 6 months. Bondita asks what, why did he lie to me, what is he hiding. She calls home. Batuk answers and keeps the receiver aside. Trilochan says you have snatched Anirudh, its 6 months now, accept the puja we are doing for Anirudh’s soul. Bondita gets shocked. She recalls Trilochan’s words. She recalls Anirudh. She hugs his belongings and cries.

Anirudh moves his hand. The man asks do you want a pen to write a letter. Bondita thinks of him and cries. The man says you will get strength to get fine if you get willing to write this letter, I will leave this pen and paper here. Bondita comes home and says Pati Babu. She sees his pic. She recalls Batuk. She says who is this imposter living in our house as Anirudh. The doctor says I have seen Bondita’s reports, its not good. Batuk says I took care of her. The doctor says not just food and medicines, mental peace and happiness are also imp, did you find out if she is happy, Bondita’s delivery can happen in 7th or 8th month also. He says baby should be healthy, I will make sure that she is happy. Bondita asks where is he.

Bihari asks who. She says Pati babu. He says he went out, I was coming to you, I was cleaning the guest room and got this. She says it belongs to Mallika. He says its such locket where pics are hidden. She says I will take this and send to her. She checks it and sees Mallika and Batuk’s pic. She says its Anirudh’s pic. She says why does Anirudh’s eyes look different in this. She recalls the lenses. She says Mallika came here to meet Batuk, if Batuk is here, then why didn’t he come home, why is Trilochan saying such things about Anirudh, I should go to Batuk’s room and find out. She checks Batuk’s room. A cushion falls down. She checks it. She gets pair of lenses. She checks Batuk’s passport. She says its Batuk’s pic, Batuk looks like Anirudh, his eye colour is different. She sees Anirudh and Batuk’s pic. She says it means, Batuk is living with us, not Anirudh.

Update Credit to: Amena

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