Bhagya Lakshmi 10th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with the goon asking Rishi to tell what is his relation with her? Rishi says I really don’t know, else would have told you. He says but we have some relation, which we are not aware of. The goons ask Ayush and Shalu what you both are doing here. Ayush says it is good that you came here, and says this girl… He praises the goons’ style and asks if they landed from south. Shalu says you didn’t praise me, I am a girl and you are praising them, shall I beat you with stone. Ayush and Shalu argue. The goon asks who are you both? Shalu says we lost the way and came here and had a fight also. Ayush says but we have so much love between us, and fire too. Shalu stamps on his feet.

The goon asks them to go to the mental asylum. They hit the goons with the stones which they are holding. Shalu asks how we will tie them. The goon inside asks Rishi to go, and says there is nothing for you. Rishi says I will take her from here. Ayush and Shalu tie the goons with their lungis. The goons ask them to free them. Ayush says I have tied them with lungi. Rishi asks goon to shoot him and asks if he is waiting for mahurat, and asks shall I call Pandit. He beats him. Rishi song is played. Shalu tells Ayush, where is Jiju? Ayush says my brother will blow him down.

The goons get up and makes Ayush falls down, and they sit on him, asking Shalu to free their hands. Ayush asks Shalu not to listen to them and says Rishi Bhai will come. The goon says our man must have killed him by now. Shalu frees their hands and legs. They beat Ayush badly.

Rishi frees Lakshmi’s hands. Lakshmi asks why did you come here? She says I told you not to come behind me, that why you came searching me, and says they will kill you. Rishi asks her to be quiet and says what is your problem, let him do what he wants to do with me. He asks her to tell why she ran away from home. Lakshmi asks if you would have let me go, if I had told you. Rishi says I will take you home and then will lock you in jail. She says jail…She asks where did he go. They see the goon standing and the other goons bringing Ayush and Shalu inside. Rishi picks the gun kept there. The goon threatens to kill them. Lakshmi says no.

The goon says we have to kill this girl, now we have to kill these three too, along with her. Rishi asks why? The goon says she saw us murdering someone. They ask who are you, her husband or lover? Rishi says no, I don’t know. The goon says he was fooling me also. They ask Rishi to give the gun else he will strangulate Ayush and Shalu. Rishi gives the gun. The goon asks Rishi and Lakshmi to get married and says you will be happy. Rishi says I love someone else and will marry her only. The goon says you are lying again, came here as hero to saved her, and lying that you love someone else. He says you will not marry as we will all four. Other goon takes the gun and says I will kill them, but will kill this guy first, who had beaten me with stone.

Ayush says it was joke, I am a funny man. The goon says we will joke with you. Other goon says I will talk to Bhaiyya ji and ask. He calls Bhaiyya ji and tells him that three more people came to save that girl. Bhaiyya ji checks the time and says this is shubh mahurat, kill all of them. The goon asks whom to kill first. Rishi signs Ayush and takes the rod. He throws at the goon while Ayush moves down. Rishi takes the gun and asks the goons to go to side, and they leave locking the door. They are standing outside. Lakshmi shouts at Rishi, Ayush and Shalu for risking their lives and coming there. Rishi asks why you are shouting at us, and says this thing is happening due to us, and asks why you think that everyone in the house is worried because of you.

He says nobody is stressed because of me. Lakshmi says I told you that I will take my life’s decisions. Rishi says did you see the result, and says if I had not gone to your room in night, then wouldn’t have got the letter which was stick to my slipper. He says do you have idea what would have happened. Lakshmi asks why you went to my room. Rishi says I felt that something was wrong, and that’s why I went there. Shalu says we shall go from here. Rishi asks Ayush to take Shalu from there. He sits on his bike. Lakshmi sits behind him on the bike. The goons get worried fearing of Bhaiyya ji. Rishi asks Lakshmi to hold him and says she will fall down. Lakshmi holds him and asks him to ride slow. Rishi smiles.

In the morning, Virender comes home and takes juice from Servant. Karishma is going out, when lakshmi and Rishi come back home. Dadi asks from where you both are coming. Neelam asks Rishi if everything is ok? Rishi says Lakshmi had gone in evening. Karishma asks what was the need to bring her back. Rishi tells that it was needed, and says he don’t want to talk on the same topic again and don’t want to spoil his mood. He says Lakshmi will stay in my room…..Karishma says what the hell, and tells that she is not your wife now. She says if I ask you what is your relation then you will say that it is of care, worry etc. Rishi says I know we are not husband and wife, but she was my wife before. Karishma says if you were husband and wife then would have stayed in the same room. Rishi says you didn’t let me complete and tells that lakshmi will stay to the room next to his room, so that he can keep an eye on her and that she don’t leave.

Bani hopes Shalu returns soon, so that Rano doesn’t know about her. Rano asks if she will make breakfast or make someone as owl. Bani says she herself is owl. Rano asks where is Shalu? Bani says she had gone to buy something. Rano asks her to make tasty food. Bani thinks to ask Shalu to bring something so that Rano don’t doubt. Karishma tells Rishi that he will tell later that Lakshmi will stay in his room. Rishi says I am afraid as she had gone and I don’t want her to go again, I want to keep an eye on her, so that she don’t leave. Neelam says she does this only, she ran away as she wants to make fear grow in Rishi’s heart. Karishma says she has done this so that Rishi remarries her. Lakshmi says no. Karishma says you are nothing for us, so stay away from our family matters. Rishi says I will not bear Lakshmi’s insult and tells that she will stay in the room adjacent to his room. He says there is nothing in her heart or my heart. He holds her hand and takes her to room. Virender claps. Main phir bhi tumko chahungi plays….

Karishma tells Neelam that Rishi said that there is nothing in their hearts and took her to room, and she went with him. She says oh god. Dadi asks her to come and do puja with her. Karishma asks her to do puja as this house is not in Bhabhi’s hands anymore. Lakshmi asks Rishi to leave her hand and says she is Bua ji. She says everyone will think like this only. Rishi asks what? That I want to bring you closer to me, wants to marry you, wants to get you. He says yes, I want and asks if she has any problem? Lakshmi looks on.

Episode ends.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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