Bhagya Lakshmi 10th November 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Ayush asking Rishi to start. Virender asks Ayush to start. Rishi sits behind Lakshmi and asks how much oil to be used on your hair, and says I have no idea, never massaged hair of any girl. Lakshmi says if you put oil then have to wash my hair tomorrow. Rishi says I will just massage then and asks Virender if it will work. Virender says yes. Rishi massages her hair. Lakshmi closes her eyes and enjoys it. Rishi looks at her and smiles. Saathiya song plays…..Virender looks at Rishi and Lakshmi. He says Ayush has massaged well and says good night, I am feeling sleepy. Ayush also pretends to sleep and goes. Lakshmi says Bau ji went, and asks him not to massage her hair now. He asks her to sit and says Bau ji can come at anytime, and says I can do even if it is no need. He asks if it is ok. Lakshmi says yes, and says my Bau ji used to massage my hair. Rishi says you miss him so much. Lakshmi says even Bau ji used to love me and care for me like you. She says he used to keep mirchi lights on every Diwali, and used to take my help intentionally, as if he can’t celebrate without me. She says he used to do this, so that I feel good. Rishi says wherever is your Bau ji, he is looking at you, and even he must be wishing the same. Virender and Ayush hear them, standing outside.

Next day, Lakshmi starts doing the arrangements for the Diwali. Rishi comes to her and asks if she knows how to decorate mirchi lights and asks her to help him. Ayush and Virender get happy. Ayush takes out the bad sight from them. Virender says it is blind faith. Ayush gets a call and goes. Virender takes out the bad sight from them.

Lakshmi and Rishi set the lights. Lakshmi thanks Rishi. Rishi says thank you for helping me. Lakshmi says I understood why you have done this, and goes to make rangoli infront of door. Karishma thinks Lakshmi will make this luxurious house as middle class house, thinks don’t know what Neelam is thinking, but this is really bad.

Rano asks Neha if she is seeing the clothes. She asks how many times, we have gone to their house. She asks if she hugged and kissed Ayush. Neha says what are you saying? Rano asks her to trap him fast. Neha says I will do what is walking in your head. She says our work will start from today, and asks her to do the arrangements. Rano says Oberoi family will do the arrangements, just like they have done for Lakshmi and Rishi’s marriage.

Rishi walks towards the rangoli and steps on it. Virender scolds him for ruining the rangoli and blames him for ruining her hardwork. He asks Rishi to make rangoli with her and pretends to scold Lakshmi for not controlling Rishi and asks her to learn from Neelam, how to control husband. Rishi asks him to scold her like he scolds him. Lakshmi says she will make again. Virender insists Rishi shall help her. Rishi says I will make. He helps Lakshmi pick all the scattered colored rangoli. Then they make rangoli. Virender and Ayush look at them happily. Lakshmi and Rishi make the rangoli happy. Rishi signs her that the color is applied on her nose and tries to clear, but more color gets applied. He smiles and cleans her nose. Lakshmi signs if it is fine now. He nods yes. Song plays…..Karishma gets furious. Rishi and Lakshmi turn back to see the decoration piece fallen down. Kiran comes there and sees them making rangoli. Rishi gets tensed seeing her and asks her to come inside. Kiran comes inside and tells Lakshmi that she is Malishka’s mom. Lakshmi touches her feet. Kiran says bless you. Lakshmi says Malishka is also my friend, best friend. Kiran goes with Karishma. Lakshmi asks why she is in tension? Rishi says don’t think much, its ok.

Karishma asks Kiran to make Malishka understand and says if Lakshmi makes place in his heart, then Malishka will lose Rishi for forever. Kiran says yes. Karishma says I am tired of trying to make her understand. Kiran tells that Malishka is outside, don’t know where, even I am tired of making her understand. She says I came to meet Neelam here, and thought to discuss with you and see Lakshmi. She says there is something unique and different about Lakshmi. Karishma asks her not to praise her more and says my ears will not work. Kiran asks what to do? Karishma says make Malishka understand. Kiran says she doesn’t understand. Karishma says then there will be nothing left.

Lakshmi talks to the Servant and compliments him for the decoration. She then says you are cute. Lakshmi sees Rishi worried and asks what are you thinking? Rishi says I am thinking about the deal and don’t know what to do. Lakshmi asks him to leave everything on God and says if you get tensed, then will get more tensed, and asks him to be near the lights, for the happiness etc. Rishi says I am feeling better. Lakshmi asks if he is not thinking about the deal. Rishi says yes. Kiran comes there and tells that Malishka said right about you, and says good pair. Neelam comes there and greets Kiran. Kiran says she came early to get her attention. Neelam asks who made this nice rangoli and asks Lakshmi if she made? Lakshmi nods yes. Neelam introduces Lakshmi and praises that she has done all the decorations, arrangements etc. Kiran leaves.

Lakshmi collides with someone and falls on Rishi. She says she is saved. Rishi says I saved you. The Servant laughs. Rishi says he is laughing, this is common between married people. Lakshmi asks him to take his clothes from side table. Rishi smiles and looks at Lakshmi, as he goes to the room. Safar shuru hogaya plays…..

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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