Bhagya Lakshmi 12th February 2023 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rano shouting at Karishma and asking what is Rishi doing, when he had taken Lakshmi’s responsibility. Karishma says Rishi was worried for her, as there was no food for her in your beggars’ home. Rano asks if my nieces were hungry at my house if Rishi don’t give her food. She says beggars are those who keep their lockers filled and don’t give anything to other. Sonia says you…Rano asks her to stay in her limits else she will get her disrespected. She says call Rishi. Neelam shouts enough and says I am silent and that doesn’t mean that you will go on speaking. She says if you throw stone on the dirt then the dirty water will fall on you. Rano asks her not to talk such things. Neelam threatens to tell something which will prove heavy for her.

Kiran asks Malishka not to worry. Malishka says she knows Rishi and Lakshmi. She says she will trap him again. Kiran says Neelam will not let Rishi break the promise. Malishka tells that Lakshmi is staying there and she is very clever and can do anything. Karishma asks Rano to leave. Rano says she will not go without meeting Rishi. He says people are taunting finger on them, asks them to ask Rishi to take care of Lakshmi, else they will take care of her. She says it seems you people forced her to leave. Sonia asks Rano if she will take Lakshmi. Rano asks her to talk to Rishi, who brought Lakshmi here. Rano says if anything happens to Lakshmi then you all will see my real face, and will know what I can do. Neelam asks what you will do, we want to know. Rano says I will show, and asks them to call Rishi.

Sonia asks how dare you to talk to my mother like this. Shalu asks how dare you to talk to my Chachi like this. They all begin shouting. Rishi comes there and asks them to calm down. Karishma says look at her. Rishi says I am talking and tells Rano that whatever happened, it is not anyone’s mistake. He says he has taken her responsibility and will get her married soon. Karishma says get her married soon, so that we can get rid of her. Rishi tells Rano that he will take care of Lakshmi well and will not let her go, I will get her married to a nice guy. Rano says don’t know what is in you that I can’t get angry on you, and says I am trusting you again, don’t break my trust. Rishi says I will not break your trust. He says today itself, I am calling the matchmaker today. He assures Rano that he will fulfill his promise and will get her married.

Lakshmi recalls Rishi’s words that he will search a guy for her, who deserves her and is best than him. Shalu comes there and hugs Lakshmi. Lakshmi asks if Chachi scolded you. Shalu says no, and then says you know her. Lakshmi says it means you got much scolded. Shalu says Bani is also giving fitting replies to Chachi. Lakshmi says she is learning this from you. Shalu tells her that Jiju called the matchmaker today. She asks if she is thinking as she don’t want to go away from jiju. Lakshmi says she don’t want to marry. Shalu says your heart is with each other, you love each other, then why you both don’t agree to it. Lakshmi asks if emotions change with time, it seems like we never had love between us, whatever it was, nothing is left now, not marriage, not connection, no feelings or emotions. Rishi hears them and comes inside. She says finally you can go, you will get rid of me soon. He says Leela, the match maker is coming, and then you will finally get rid of me, and I will do your Bidaai myself, then you can go away from me for forever. He gets sad. Lakshmi gets sad too.

Rishi is in his room and thinks of Lakshmi’s words that they don’t have any relation, emotion, connection or feeling left between them. He thinks why did he get hurt with Lakshmi’s words. He says whenever he thinks Lakshmi will go away, he feels strange pain. He asks if this is love? Ayush comes there and hears him. Rishi says I love Malishka, but gets hurt by Lakshmi’s sayings, when there is nothing between us. Ayush says you have, and this is love. He says you never loved Malishka, trust me. He says Lakshmi Bhabhi, you loved her and loved her intensely, with high level. He says she forgets herself, when the matter is about you.

Lakshmi tells Shalu that Rishi and I don’t love each other, whatever relation we had, was something else. Shalu asks what is it then? Lakshmi says she don’t know. Shalu says you both must not have cared for each other. Lakshmi says may be it was friendship, there is no love. Shalu tells that it is love, and asks how to make you understand. Ayush tells Rishi that it is love and says how to make you understand. Virender comes there and asks what argument is happening? Ayush says I was trying to make him understand and asks do you think that Rishi bhai loves Lakshmi Bhabhi.

Virender says ofcourse he loves her, but don’t realize it. Ayush says I was saying this. Rishi says if I was in love with her, then wouldn’t I have known about it. Virender says if it is not love then what is it? Rishi says I don’t know what is it, but if name shall be given to this relation, then think that….Lakshmi says think that we are friends. Rishi says think ourselves as friends and says he wants to help her, and feels responsibility for her. Lakshmi says even right to fight, care and love. Rishi says right to love etc. He says there is love in friendship too and asks them to name their relationship as love. Virender tells Ayush that they can’t make him realize this forcibly, and tells that one day he will realize, how much he loves Lakshmi, he loves her immensely. Ayush says I wish, it was not too late when he realizes it.

Virender says you are searching for guy for her and asks her to ask Matchmaker to search a good guy for her. He asks do you care for her. Rishi says I care for her more than myself. Virender says love starts with care. Ayush laughs. Shalu tells the same thing to Lakshmi. Lakshmi tells Shalu that Rishi cares for her and thinks good about her, that’s why he is getting her married. Shalu asks if you will marry someone else. Lakshmi says yes, so that Rishi can move on in his life. Shalu says this is love, love starts with care.

Balwinder comes home. Kamli holds him. Balwinder hits her and tries to suffocate her to death. Kamli takes out the mobile from her cupboard and plays Lakshmi’s video, in which she threatens to send him to jail if he harms Kamli. He leaves Kamli and thinks to burn Rishi and Lakshmi’s lives.

Ayush tells Rishi that he is confused. Rishi says he is not confused. He says he is tired of making everyone understand. Ayush says when you care for Lakshmi, then whom do you love? Rishi says everyone knows, and says I love Malishka, I think. Ayush says you think and asks him to feel. He says my Mom, Mami and Sonia wants you to marry Malishka, but Mama, Nani, Ahana, I, Devika and infact Mukesh wants your Jodi to be with Lakshmi. He says I don’t think that thing happened between Malishka and you, and says you said and that’s why everything accepted and this is the reason that everyone agreed for Malishka and your marriage, but honestly speaking everyone believes that you love Lakshmi and you shall pair with her.

Rishi says whatever you feel about Lakshmi and me, I genuinely respect it, and asks him to think what he feels. Ayush asks what you want to say. Rishi says I don’t deserve Lakshmi, and I am not suitable for her. He says that’s why I want to get her married to a nice guy, who deserves her. Ayush says but. Rishi gets a call from Leela and asks her to come home. He tells Ayush that Leela is best matchmaker and will search a good guy for Lakshmi. Ayush goes upset. Rishi thinks what will happen if you ask me, that I love her or not, but I know that Lakshmi doesn’t love me.

Lakshmi tells Shalu that it doesn’t matter if I love him or not, as Rishi doesn’t love me. She says she is tired of her destiny and her peace is snatched, she don’t want to think anything. She says if that incident haven’t happened yesterday then I would have gone very far from here. Shalu says I will not ask you anything, but you shall not go from here. She hugs her. Lakshmi gets teary eyes.

Precap: Ayush says match maker is coming. Lakshmi tells that it is good, she will soon go away from here. Rishi tells his preference for the groom. Karishma says there is no guy with all these qualities. Ayush says there is one such guy. Malishka sees the photo and gets shocked.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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