Bhagya Lakshmi 13th January 2022 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Lakshmi and other oldies take the old guy to the hospital. Darshan asks the old guy to give his credit card. Other guy asks him to sell his diamond ring. Lakshmi scolds them for joking about him. Lakshmi gets interview call. A boy falls down the hospital bed. Lakshmi helps the doctor, shift the boy to the patient. She engages boy in talks, while Doctor treats him.

Darshan tells his friend that she left Interview no. 6. Neelam asks Bani where is Lakshmi? Bani says she went out. Rano says she did wrong, I tried to make her understand. Neelam asks why you didn’t send her home. Rano says I tried to take her to you.

Neelam says I thought she has good values, but she is proving me wrong. She says who leaves their house, for a small misunderstanding. Shalu says misunderstanding and tells that they are middleclass people and make relation with heart. She asks why you are talking about Lakshmi’s values, and says Rishi did wrong to try to get married, when he is already married. Neelam asks her not to take Rishi’s name.

Shalu says I am telling the truth and says whatever he did is wrong and his values shall be questioned and not of Lakshmi. She says a daughter makes new relations after marriage, but don’t end old relations. She says di did right by coming here, as fake people don’t stay here. She says you said right that values are like jewellery and says that’s why jiju is roaming freely, if Di had complained then he would be inside the lock up. Neelam scolds her. Shalu says I am sorry if you felt bad. Neelam says I didn’t accept your apology. Rano says I will inform Lakshmi and tells that she went to search a job. Neelam says she will ruin our name and tells Rano that if she wants them to get their daughters married, then asks her to come to her sasural silently. A neighbor hears her.

Lakshmi drops her file. Darshan helps her and says you was stuck here and left the interview. Doctor comes there and says it was acidity attack. Darshan says this is third time. Lakshmi says it is good to be checked by the doctor. Amar comes out and asks Darshan to have chips. Lakshmi asks him not to eat it. Darshan says you will get scolded by Beeji.

Lakshmi writes the healthy food items on the papers and gives to Darshan. She says I need to go. She attends the interview call and comes to know that they have given job to someone else. Darshan comes to her and says he has vacancy for her. Lakshmi says she has no experience. He says even I don’t have, when I started work. She asks what shall I do? Amar says Darshan has jewellery store. Darshan asks her to handle sales and asks her not to scold anyone. They laugh. Lakshmi thanks him.

Rano says if Lakshmi don’t get the job then? Neha says if it was easy then all my friends would have got the job. Lakshmi returns home. Preetam and Shalu ask if she got the job. Lakshmi says she got job of 15000 Rs. Preetam, Shalu and Bani get happy.

Preetam says you made me proud and also your parents, and says they would have been happy seeing you standing on your feet. He says I will bring sweets. Shalu stops him and says she will make halwa. Preetam says I will add sugar in it. Rano says even we will get 8 k and reminds Lakshmi. Neha says how did she get the job? Rano says we will get crores of Rupees. She says she will get alimony for divorce, and asks her to just wait and watch.

Sonia tells Karishma that Mom is not picking the call. Neelam comes there and asks about Rishi. Karishma says he didn’t come. Neelam asks for her phone. Rishi comes there. Neelam shows her worries for Rishi. Karishma tells that she feels that Pandit ji lies to them, to fetch money. She says Malishka had told that she had saved Rishi that day. Neelam says she had lied.

Malishka thinks why Rishi haven’t come till now. Kiran asks if she is feeling insecure? Malishka says no and tells that she is feeling guilty as she lied that she has saved Rishi’s life. Kiran tells that Rishi has Markesh dosh. Malishka says it is just an accident and says there is nothing like dosh in real life. Rishi says I am fine and standing infront of you, though markesh dosh is heavy for me today. He recalls Malishka’s words and tells that he needs to go somewhere. Neelam says you will not go anywhere.

Lakshmi looks at her parents’ pic and recalls her father’s words. She says I will take care of my sister. She says I will not let Shalu and Bani broken and never express my pain infront of them. She says even I will not get hurt. Shalu brings halwa and makes her eat it. Bani also makes her have the halwa and says today Neelam aunty came today.

Shalu says she came to scold you and take you home. She says she feels that you have done wrong. Lakshmi says Mummy ji is upset as I didn’t agree to her sayings and haven’t stayed in that house. She says I want both sisters to move forward forgetting all. She says we will not talk about Rishi and others. They have a hug.

Precap: Rishi tells Neelam that Lakshmi will never return here. Rano tells Neha that she will tell them that Lakshmi sent her to get money. Rishi says if she don’t return then its ok. Rano says Rishi and Lakshmi will not meet, and we will get crores and they will be divorced. Rano comes to Oberoi house and asks for 50 percent share as alimony. She says Lakshmi wants divorce from Rishi. Lakshmi and Rishi cross their paths.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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