Bhagya Lakshmi 14th December 2021 Written Episode Update

The Episode starts with Rishi talking on the phone. Lakshmi calls him and tells that the breakfast is ready. He says he don’t have time to eat food and has to go. Lakshmi says I told you that you shall have food and asks him to have a bit. Rishi says I am getting calls and says I can’t eat. She says don’t show me mobile and says you are stubborn. Rishi says you called me stubborn. He says shall I go. Lakshmi says you don’t care for me. Rishi says there is nothing like that. Lakshmi says atleast have sympathy on my hardwork. Rishi says serve me breakfast, I will stand and have it. He says this is emotional blackmail. Lakshmi says I know and asks if he felt bad. Rishi says when did I say? He says you are getting smart. Virender looks at them as he goes from there. Lakshmi makes him have food while he attends a phone call. Tu thodi der aur theher jaa plays…Sudeep comes there and signs Lakshmi to continue. Rishi realizes and ends the call. He sees Virender. Virender says I have work with Sudeep and calls him. He goes. Rishi says I will go to office. Lakshmi says I will go to kitchen and falls. He holds her and asks her to be careful. He goes and comes back, to thank her for the breakfast. She comes to wave him bye. He says bye. Lakshmi smiles. Door bell rings. Lakshmi thinks Rishi came back and opens the door. She sees Dada ji and Viraj.

Ayush speaks to Neha about Shalu and goes on talking. Neha asks him to talk to her. Ayush says I talk to you less. Neha says Shalu calls you Jhalla. Ayush gets upset with Shalu. Neha says she stamps on your feet. Ayush says did you see, she stamps on my feet much. He says your foot is fine now. Neha says it is fine with your talks and asks him to take her to the hotel. He says they will have food at her house.

Lakshmi greets Dada ji and Viraj and asks them to come inside. They come inside. Dada ji hugs Virender. He tells Kiran you are here. Kiran says yes. Virender tells Dada ji that Lakshmi’s house is his too. Dada ji says he needs a permission and tells that they need to chose wedding dress for Lakshmi. Virender says again you need Lakshmi. Dada ji asks them to think it as a favor. Virender says it is ok. Neelam asks Lakshmi to go. Viraj says if Lakshmi wants to go then. Lakshmi says yes, it is very good to choose wedding dress for someone. She tells that she will ask Sudeep to give medicine to Bau ji and Dadi. Virender says I will tell him. Lakshmi tells Neelam that she has told Sudeep about the menu of dinner tonight. Virender tells Dada ji that Lakshmi handles home. They leave.

Ayush brings Neha to her house. Neha says she couldn’t walk and asks him to lift her. He tries to lift her and comments on her weight. He then lifts her and takes her inside. Shalu drops the plate seeing Neha in his arms. Neha asks him to take her to her room.

Rishi comes to Malishka. Malishka hugs him and says I am very happy. He says your mom came to my house. Malishka apologizes for getting angry on him and says aunty called Mom, so she went to your house. He says Mom heard our conversation so she called Kiran aunty and asked her to ask you to wait for a year, but I told them that we have decided to part ways. Malishka says it was good chance to tell them that we are getting married. Rishi says I don’t want to break Mom’s trust. He says Mom will convince you still. Malishka says we will get married right. He says yes. She shows her wedding dress. Rishi says it would be good if the wedding dress is colorful. He reminisces Lakshmi and says beautiful, smiles. Malishka hugs him and says thank you so much. Kiran comes there and asks what is happening here.

Ayush takes Neha to her bed and asks if she is comfortable. Neha asks him to bring haldi lep. Ayush asks Shalu to bring it. He asks her to have pity on her sister and bring the lep. Neha asks Ayush if he did, how is she? Ayush says I came to talk to him, and says she is calling me jhalla. He says I will make her fine.

Kiran asks Rishi what did you say to your Mom? Malishka says he said right. Kiran says what is he doing here? Malishka says we have moved on, and we are just friends now. She says Viraj is a good friend and Rishi and Lakshmi are made for each other. She says I am going to marry Viraj and Lakshmi is made for Rishi. Rishi reminisces Lakshmi’s words that she loves him. He says I have to leave. Malishka asks him to take her to office and goes. Kiran thinks if Malishka is moving on, then it is fine. Malishka says we are not going to office, but for shopping. She says I want the bridal outfit as you said. She says she just said that, and says we are best pair. She says if we can tell our mom. He says no, else she will tell your mom.

Lakshmi, Dada ji and Viraj come to the big shopping mall. Lakshmi says this is a big shopping mall. Dada ji says it has opened one month back. Lakshmi tells that they need bridal outfit. Malishka and Rishi are in the car. She tells that she wanted the bridal outfit of green, pink etc. Rishi thinks it is not just a dress, but a relation and trust, I came to know this from Lakshmi.

Precap: Malishka asks Rishi to bring the good options to the changing room and she goes. Lakshmi asks Rishi, if I shall wear this and show you. Rishi says yes. He thinks Malishka is also in the changing room and goes to Lakshmi’s changing room. Malishka comes out and sees Rishi standing.

Update Credit to: H Hasan

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